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I want a movie love life!


Now as women we all like a good chick flick, with a bit of action and romance. I have noticed in most movies the romantic side to it that when it gets all hot and steamy the guy picks the girl up, she wraps her legs around him and off they go. Now do I have a boring love life? Because that certainly doesn’t happen between my husband and I. In fact god help my husband if he picked me up, I can picture it now he picks me up, I have a builders bum going on, I am gradually slipping down, he tries to jump me up a bit more all this while we are passionately snogging… let’s face it. That’s hardly romantic, I would say a total car crash!

But nevertheless I cannot help but wish we did. Maybe when I am 2 stone lighter, and we get five minutes from the normal day to day life. As much as I know the romance side to films is totally unrealistic. I do wonder, do people have movie love lives? I have never met anyone or been told of anyone who has had this perfect romantic love life, yes they have had romantic things done for them, a romantic proposal, gesture, something but is it like in the movies?

I suppose we enjoy watching these films as it can be written to how we want it to be. Please the audience. Even true to life films dramatise some bits. Real life doesn’t allow for you to have the movie love life, work, children, exercise and other commitments, my husband is lucky to get once a week! And it certainly isn’t all hot and steamy like it is in the films, don’t get me wrong he is good, we are good but it’s no movie!

On that note I am going to go escape from real life and put Mr & Mrs Smith on.


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