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I have to go back to work

Oh no, I have to go back to work…

For most mums, just the slightest thought of having to go back to work is enough to fill you with anxiety and dread – you just want to run to the hills and hide. You have had a baby and want to spend as much time as possible with him or her, but at the same time you want to maintain your financial independence and actually have an adult conversation. You need to keep your brain active and have a bit of away time from all those thoughts of nappies, milk and rusk biscuits. Perhaps your current employer is a mum herself and extremely understanding of the need for flexible hours? Maybe your job requires long hours and night shifts? So, what is the key to a perfect work, life balance?

You should think long and hard and weigh up all your options. Going with your gut is the best thing to do, but back it up with a well thought out, informed decision. Perhaps before you finally decide what to do, you could set up a meeting with your boss about the flexible hours you will need. They may not like the idea and be totally against it – but at least you will know this before you have made your mind up about what you are doing. Knowing where you stand before making the decision is key in making the correct decision.

Returning to work is a massive decision to have to have to make, but you couldn’t ask for a better time to make it. Once you’re a mum, I can guarantee one thing – your life will never be the same again (I’m sure you have already realised this!). But because you have a new outlook on life, you probably know, better than ever, exactly what you want out of your life. If your boss isn’t particularly keen or things start to become difficult for you at work, there are many other options you can take without having to give up your job completely.

Qualifications – You could go back to college or do online courses to either add to your qualifications or to change your career completely.

Part-time – If you love your current job, maybe consider cutting your hours down or finding a new job with hours that are more suited to your needs.

Charity work – If you do not do your job for financial reasons, you may get a lot more out it by working voluntarily at a charity shop or helping within your local community.

Work from home – Find a job that will let you work from home, or do your existing job as a freelancer (if it is possible). This is ideal to fit around families, but does require a lot of self discipline.

Lets face it, becoming a mum, especially if it is for the first time, is a big enough life-changer and is full of new, exciting challenges, it comes down to whether you want to add work into this balance too. Just make sure you do what is right for you and at the right time also – big decisions need to be handled with care.


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