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The hunter-gatherer-unicorn

There were days, not so long ago, that women believed in the hunter-gatherer model of man. This creature was a man from an educated background that could provide wealth and stability and a future for his choice of partner and was thought of as a real prize, a catch, if you will.

The hunter-gatherer now, of course, has become no more than a unicorn in fairyland or a glass slipper in a mirage. He simply does not exist and if, by chance, you stumble across the mystical four leaf clover or a genie lamp and he appears…then he wants the unicorn wife with flowers strewn in her hair that bakes a perfect Victoria sponge (no soggy bottoms here!), while doing pilates and keeping the detached house in the country (complete with water features), spotless, beautiful and perfect.

The role of the hunter has evaporated with the hope of him paying off his Jaguar and Range Rover in cash.  The hunter that women would once flock to has run for the hills, knowing that he is an endangered species and fearing for his life in case he is snapped up by the wrong sort of woman, but what has really replaced him?

The male hunter-gatherer-unicorn has been replaced by the woman on the wild horse that is real and buys her own house, car and sees teh value in perfecting somethign other than a Victoria sponge. While these chaps have grown to despise their society-driven mandate and purpose, we have risen to the challenge of providing ourselves with everything we need. We don’t need a husband or partner that can give us the world, we want someone to walk alongside us as we explore it, having bought their own walking boots.

The hunter has no role rather than to be a by-stander, but what a privileged position. These people now get to watch as we evolve, succeed and rise to the top and if they’re lucky, maybe they get to come along with us.


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