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Being all too Human, Fact or Failure?

When we meet someone and they ask what do you, do we have the standard answer of our job title, not who we are as a human being? All too often we forget we are human, we forget the reason we are here, stop listening to our inner voice and just keep doing what society perceives we should be doing, or even what we ourselves believe we should be doing. In this modern world everything is fast and instant, but where is the time for slow, the time to rest the time for self.

We have a list of things to do longer than both our arms put together. We keep going and going and before we know it we start to feel tired, but there is still stuff to do, obligations to meet and people are relying on you. So we keep going and before you we have burn out, we are grumpy, messing things up because we are tired, snapping at people and feeling like we have lost our identity.

We are only human, but we beat ourselves up, when we are constantly trying to be a super man or woman, we are trying to push ourselves past being human and why what is wrong with being what we are, just simply being human.

We are Man not Machine. Being human is a fact embrace and honour it!


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