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How to ‘Get Ahead At Work’

Most people would love to get that promotion! You could be amazing at your job but that’s not the only thing that can affect your chances!

Here are a few ideas to boost your profile!

Make An Entrance!

Rocking in late, looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed will never get you anywhere!! Be on time, fresh and oozing with confidence, ready for the day ahead!

Be friendly and social!

No one likes an introvert! Make connections by spending a bit of time with colleagues in and out of working hours. Try a lunchtime fitness class or join in on the ‘birthday’ drink after work! You don’t have to delegate all your free time but the more social you are, the more people can really get to know you and your abilities!

Keep up to date with training!

Pencil in some extra training time twice a month to make sure you are up to speed with rules, regulations, sales, promotions etc. Perhaps ask if there are any study courses available from the Company or if they are willing to fund a new qualification within your chosen career! Most companies will want to support their employees with anything that will ultimately benefit the business!

Make friends with the boss!

My husband is the CEO of his company. He often comments on the fact that most of his employee’s are very nervous around him! Majority don’t even say hello on a morning!

Network with your boss (at appropriate times). Creating a relationship will make it easier/comfortable for future meetings. Even if it just a ‘good morning’, don’t be afraid! Believe it or not, they are just normal people like you and I!!

Find a Mentor!

Mentors offer advice and help with your career! Choose someone high up, someone you look up to. Ask if they are free for a coffee, form a relationship then see if they would be interested in being your mentor! Even if its for a short time, perhaps one month! Don’t worry if they say no, that particular person may be too busy so ask someone else!

Pay Attention!

Look out for new opportunities and embrace risks! We only live once so push for that career/goal of your desire! No one will do it for you!


Join social media! Facebook and LinkedIn are excellent ways to socialize, network and gain access to new opportunities online! Most companies now have an online stamp as Social media is now an excellent marketing and PR tool!




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