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The Horror Stories

Nobody has nice story for you. Not a single pregnancy that went well or an easy birth in sight. Instead I was faced with the worst horror stories you can imagine, usually from someone without children. “Of course you do know that your hair will all fall out when you’ve had the baby” one particular person tells me “and don’t think that your husband will ever look at you in the same way once he has seen you giving birth – because he won’t”. Well that’s something to look forward to. “The whole birth thing is just disgusting, so uncivilized – what are we farm animals?” she goes on, a rather twisted expression on her face. You smile and nod along politely, raising your eye’s in that “tell me about it” way, when what you really want to do is run out of the room screaming!

One of the nicer moments to balance out all the horror is when you first start to feel the baby kick, after weeks of thinking I could feel something and asking every mother what it feels like “a bit like bubbles” one told me “like you are on a roller coaster” another advised. None of which helped as all I did was spend the next few weeks wondering if every feeling was similar to a fairground experience…A few weeks later I actually did feel her and realised that when they say ‘you’ll just know’ that they are right and you will just know. This is a lovely moment topped only by the first time that my husband felt the baby kick. After weeks of him casually resting his hand on my stomach with a strained look on his face, he felt the same thing I had felt weeks ago and he ‘just knew’ too.


  • Margot says:

    I’m single, nowhere near having children, and I think giving birth is beautiful. No doubt the actual process will be difficult and painful but surely it’s worth it for the precious gift of having children? Congrats and best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy :)

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