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Hold on to who YOU are …

I run a business providing tarot readings and as a result I meet a lot of different people and encounter many different personalities. While there are a handful of men who book tarot readings, the majority of my clients are women, and mainly in the 40-60 age bracket.

What has become apparent while I have been running this business is that many of the women I read for have lost their own identity and confidence. This is mainly through putting the needs of others before themselves.  Bringing up children, sustaining relationships, keeping house and holding down a job leaves most women little room for maintaining their own interests and identity. These ladies come to me when their children have grown up and left home, or their husband has left or they are facing redundancy.  They might have an idea or plan of where they want to go next, but little confidence with which to put it into action, or they might have no idea where to go next, having given up every last little bit of themselves to the ones they love.

From the feedback I have received, I know that I have helped some of these lovely ladies start believing in their own skills and qualities once more and these experiences are encouraging me to develop spiritual female empowerment courses in my local area.  In the meantime, I believe all women should remember how much they contribute to the world as sisters, friends, mothers, lovers, wives, employees, employers and role models and not feel guilty for a bit of “me” time, hobbies and fun.

Don’t lose yourselves ladies! BE who YOU are rather than what others expect you to be – even if it is just for an hour a week.

Ask yourself and other women you care about – What did you enjoy doing before you had children/ got married/ grew up/ started working? If you had no restrictions what would you do with your time? Is there a hobby you would love to take up again? Could you find the time? Are you creating obstacles because you feel guilty if you are enjoying yourself?  How often does your husband/partner/child/parent go and do what they want to do?

Enjoy yourself again …

Fiona x


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