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Hitting Out At Men: Is Violence Ever The Answer?

Recently a video has been shared across the entirety of social media of Orlando Bloom apparently throwing a punch at Justin Bieber.
Now i’ll happily admit that I am no ‘Belieber’, and if reports are correct then Bloom acted violently in support of his ex-wife, but does this make it ok?
Since the incident the video has been shared millions of times all over various media platforms, making it available for people of all ages to see. The subsequent reactions have predominantly been in support of Bloom, with many influential social media presences making jokes about the violent outburst and focusing on what Bieber had done to provoke the attack.
The incident acts as a reminder of a certain disagreement in a lift which took the media world by storm a few months ago. When Solange Knowles threw herself into an attack against Jay-Z, the twitter world seemed to shake its head and chuckle, rather than react in uproar. Seemingly because, it was a male who was the victim.
What if the genders had been reversed? If Jay-Z had suddenly started clawing at Solange, and had to be restrained so as not do any serious damage then the reaction would have been significantly different. Again, jokes were made and the main focus seemed to be on what Jay-Z had possibly done to provoke her, rather than on the act of violence itself.
Unfortunately the main lesson we are teaching when it comes to violence seems to be, “It’s not ok to hit girls”, rather than “It’s not ok to hit people”.
The main reason for this rule seems to be due to the age old view that women are weaker than men, and therefore are ‘allowed’ to be activators of violence, but not victims. This to me seems ridiculous, as when performing an act of violence the intention is to cause physical damage to that person. Whether you are weaker than them or not, it is still possible to cause some serious harm and the intention is still the same.
With the twitter machine churning out the opinions of billions on a daily basis, it’s easy to get caught up in the trend of reacting lightheartedly to the lives of the rich and famous. However this isn’t a role they are playing in a movie, and in real life acts of violence should not be tolerated, no matter the gender of the attacker. Through the dismissal of acts of violence against men in the media, we are dismissing the possibility of men being victims in other cases, such as cases of domestic violence.
Domestic violence is a crippling part of many people’s lives, for both women and men. And it’s important that no matter what your gender, you can find strength and support wherever possible.


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