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Hey Stranger, Do You Swing?

On a recent trip to the beach, I endured a very strange conversation with a stranger.

Living in Cyprus, there is not much to do in terms of daily activities, once you’ve visited the local beach and swimming pool. So you don’t go crazy, a change of scenery helps, even if it is just another beach somewhere further round the island. When my boyfriend’s parents came for a visit, we took a drive to a beach we’d never been to and it was beautiful. A clean sandy beach with coves galore, sweet sailing boats and a good book; I was set for the day. We set up camp in a large cove, that already had a towel set up in the corner, but no owner to be seen. After about half an hour, a man appeared (the towel owner) and with my companions having a swim, I made small talk with the man (which he initiated) about how beautiful the beach is, how important it is to get some sun before the autumn takes over and what life is like in England. He told me he worked for a wine distribution company and about vineyards on the island. It was a pleasant chat, that was disturbed by a phone call of his and that was that. Or so I thought.

Having enough of the sand, I retreated to some rocks near the exiting steps, and got stuck into a new book. The man had rolled up his towel and was making his way down the beach towards me. When he saw me, he said “Why does your boyfriend leave you on your own so much?” I explained that working and living together, it’s important to take some alone time from each other. He went on to explain that he had come to this beach for the purpose of getting nude and working on his tan and we had stumbled upon his cove and his privacy. Strange I thought, to blurt that out, but Europeans like their nude beaches I suppose.

He then went on to say he had enjoyed our conversation earlier and I seemed like a nice open minded girl. The next sentence was the one that turned our conversation into a proposition I had never experienced. “My girlfriend and I like to have sex in the room with other couples. Would you and your boyfriend like to join us?” How do you respond to that question from a total stranger? I didn’t want to offend the guy, what he does behind closed doors is his own business, but he seemed he was leaving the door unlocked for me and my boyfriend to make an appearance.

Being as polite as possible, and trying to hide the shock on my face, I declined his offer, explaining my boyfriend and I are more of a ‘him and me’ type of couple. This stemmed him into a deeper explanation. This was an arrangement for observation only; couples in this instance do not share! And he would be courteous enough to take us out to dinner beforehand. His best efforts still failed to convince me to accept. I must have looked a bit creeped out, maybe it was the looking for my boyfriend and his family, or maybe his confidence turned into embarrassment when he realised that he had gotten the wrong end of the stick, assuming I was a lady that liked to swing. He went to leave, but not before he made it clear he would be happy to leave my boyfriend out of the equation, and tried to show me a picture of his girlfriend. She must have been a stunner if he thought she could turn a straight girl gay. I told him my mind was made up, we shook hands, wished each other a good weekend and he left. Then my boyfriend and potential mother and father in law returned, having seen me chatting to this man and I was forced to make up a half an hour conversation, saying we chatted about the weather and the island of Cyprus. I wish!

Is this the to do way of finding couples with the same sexual interests? Surely there is an easier way, an online chat room, or group of some sort. And how come this man thought this approach would work. Had he found like-minded couples this way before? Or was it the convenience that we are a couple and we live in his area of Cyprus and it wouldn’t hurt to ask? Maybe I’m out of the sexual loop, is everyone now into swinging?


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