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 Our imagination is set free when the word ‘hero’ is mentioned, yet our perception of what makes a hero differs in each one of us. Next time you and your girls are together and there are more than four present, ask each one what do they imagine a hero to be? The answers may make you re-think your philosophy.

We will start off with the obvious quality. The physical characteristics. To some, especially the younger ladies there is no question. A hero IS the man who comes running (effortlessly and smoothly) to your rescue. At a time when you feel utter despair, for whatever reason, and sweeps you off of your feet (once again – effortlessly and smoothly). Ruggedly handsome, powerfully built with every quivering muscle well defined and gleaming in the setting sun. Let us give him a touch of spice; a rakish smile tugs at the corners of his mouth as his fierce yet loving eyes caress your face …and you… just… melt. The other scenario many dream of is the classic knight in shining armour galloping up to you on a beautiful white steed and the rest we can all imagine (this one will be a lost cause on me as I will only be interested in his horse and ignore him).

Other than physical prowess however, another quality is equally important to some and to older women, more than likely the most important quality; his mental attributes. Strong, dependable, caring, intelligent, brave, honest, confident, kind, warm, sincerely charming and I’m quite sure we can all add a few more! The strong and silent type appeals to most women. Let us put that romantic ideal away for a spell while we consider the reality.

Heroes 99.999999999% of the time, do not meet these unrealistic standards. Heroes can be – anyone.  Ladies, answer this question; which is more appealing, the dashing and handsome dude, built like a steam train (strong and lean, without the mean), a Mr. Universe type, or a gentle man (and gentleman) with soft eyes and a warm smile?

What about this type? They are everywhere, in all shapes, colours and sizes,  like this…

A regular garbage man was collecting the trash to dispose of in the waiting truck when one of the refuse bags made a whimpering sound and then squirmed a bit. He opened the trash bag to reveal a puppy inside, amongst the other trash. There was nothing wrong with this little pup. He quickly checked the other bags as well. He found no other puppies that were literally thrown away. He took the puppy back home to his wife where they reared it into a large and happy dog.

Hero? In my books, most definitely. He rescued, he saved, he brought happiness and smiles to where there was previously none. He had a good heart.

Perhaps you already have a hero?


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