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What the hell is a selfie

I had to ask what a photo bomb was a few days ago. I hear its the annoying stranger who gets in the way in the background. The stranger who reads your newspaper on the train. ‘Oh’ I said. Due to being an old fart. This I have admitted from the start some modern terms need explanation for an outmoded girl of our nation.

My word today is called ‘Selfie’. I saw it once on some new site it gave to me a right old fright I readied myself, time to debate then learnt that it wasn’t a term for ahem! Masturbate? Well it sounded that way. It sounds rude. Why on earth do you want to take a picture of yourself in the first place.

It was not long ago that it happened before uploading pictures, was quite a chore. They asked me for a Doc. I said ‘No, he is too far away to help me upload.’ They asked for Jpeg to be sent, Climbing gear equipment? What a strange thing to ask. Of course it was not that long ago I thought when you had your I.Q tested one would go to the eye clinic. But then I still I am sure use many now outdated words. Does anyone name their child Fanny anymore? The hysterics of young people who hear my old Aunt Fanny used to live with uncle Dick in the house at the end of the street.  It is worse when they find out her surname is Fanny Edna Twate, with a silent E.

I have been told off for using the term gay in a sense of being happy,I am surprised crumpets have not been banned, well the name at least. And saying I was bonked around at the back of the car due to very bad potholes is enough to send tears down most people faces. I try my hardest not to react but take note so I can write some bad poetry later on.


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