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We Heart It

I’m addicted to my phone and like millions of others, I’m always deleting and downloading new apps. I decided to download Pinterest, an app where you can share photos, start your own collections and upload your own photographs to inspire others. I used it for a while but stopped. I got bored, which often happens when I invest my time in the latest app.

It’s many months later and I decided to give something else a try, so I downloaded a new app called We Heart It. It’s a similar application to Pinterest, that allows you to create collections, heart pictures that you like and share them to various other social media sites. I was convinced that it would be another app that would sit on my phone unused, just another passing phase and I thought I would get bored but there’s something different about this app. I really love it. I’ve had it for a few weeks and the appeal hasn’t gone, yet.

Now the first thing you will notice about We Heart It is its attractive design and simple interface. It’s easy to use and you can either sign up using your Facebook or Twitter account or just create one with We Heart It. You can upload a profile picture if you wish and you are ready to go. What I really love about We Heart It is the canvas, it’s your profile page and you can navigate to all of the images you have hearted and all of your collections from the canvas. On the mobile version of the app, your profile picture is in the middle and when you tap it, the images surrounding it change to the recent images that you have hearted.

The app uses a large amount of pink, which could discourage the male population from using the app, whereas Pinterest is more gender neutral and has the same features as We Heart It, but personally, I like We Heart It. It’s undeniably girly, simple and cute. The inspiring images and colourful pictures on the app always brighten up my day. I can sort out my collections and follow other people’s collections. I can feed my addiction of scrolling down a news feed without seeing the same boring statuses and duck-faced selfies. I actually click on We Heart It now instead of Facebook because it puts me in a better mood first thing in the morning.

Facebook tends to bring out the negative emotions in me but when I’m on my phone, scrolling through pictures on We Heart It, I am inspired, more optimistic and happy with the images that I see. You can type in whatever you like, cute puppies, nail polish ideas, beautiful scenery, quotes or even Disney. The app can be quite addictive and I often find myself lost in the app for a whole hour, scrolling down and looking at endless images.

Now there are a few downsides to the app. We Heart It, doesn’t appear to have the same capacity of images as Pinterest but that’s something that will probably improve on over time. Occasionally, there will be a duplicate image on your news feed and when you click on GIFS it tends to take a while to load. However, We Heart It has been a great addition to my phone and if you’re looking for an addictive photo sharing app then this could be the perfect one for you. Pinterest is a great app but it doesn’t have the same sparkling appeal as We Heart It.


Go on, what are you waiting for? Try the We Heart It app today; it’s available on Apple and Android and it’s FREE!


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