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Hats off to you all

I’ve never seen myself as much of a fashionista. Whilst I’ve always flicked through the odd magazine and admired the daring, exciting styles sported by women across the globe, I’ve never had the confidence to move far from my statement skinny jeans, floaty top and long, beaded necklace. Yet, now I am well out of my ‘twenteens’ and far from the school mentality of needing to be the prettiest, coolest, funniest person in class, I finally feel comfortable in my own skin.

I will never be the tallest and I will never be the skinniest. I will never have a perfect skin tone and never have luscious, long, flowing locks. It’s taken years to actually realise it, but now I have, it seems to have transformed the view I have of myself. If I could go back and tell my younger self that this was the case, it would have saved a lot of anxious ‘non-uniform days’ at school when trying to work out if my wardrobe would brand me class cool or shabby flop.

And so, with my new found awakening into my own self, I bought a hat. Not too outrageous I hear you say? However, I used to gaze at the women walking through the streets with their skinny latte to go and beautiful headgear and admire their confidence. You need confidence to wear a hat. You need an air of certainty about you. This very fact put me off buying one. I would never dare actually go out in public with a hat – people would think I was overly confident, attention-seeking and too self-assured.

Then, in a moment of spontaneity in a flash sale last week, I bought it. I didn’t even pay 5p for the bag, as she cut the tags off straight away and I walked out of the shop with my new wide rimmed navy number. And I felt it instantly. I felt lighter as I wandered through the shops. I didn’t feel embarrassed, nor did anyone really look at me, like I felt they would. I blended in with the other shoppers, but felt a few inches taller and a few smiles happier.

It may be a small change, or a somewhat insignificant event in my life at the moment. It may not make me the most confident or most beautiful woman out there, but it made everything easier and easy fashion is right up my street. For anyone else that spent their life worrying, obsessing and tormenting yourself over your wardrobe, it’s time to step out with confidence. It’s not what you wear on your body, it’s how you wear it.

Hats off to all of you.


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