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Hate To See Your Heartbreak

This week, the video of the re-recording of Paramore’s 2013 song Hate To See Your Heartbreak surfaced, but this time, the song comes to us in the form of an emotional duet sung by the band’s front-woman Hayley Williams and the former half of Civil Wars, Joy Williams. Of no relation, the two leading ladies joined forces for the recording after years of close friendship. According to Rolling Stone, the two Tennessee-natives have known each other for over ten years and prior to Paramore, Joy acted as a mentor to Hayley, advancing her career to make her the mature and accomplished musician she is today.

Both women have had their share of fame and difficulties. In recent years, Joy Williams and her Civil Wars partner John Paul White produced some of the finest country-folk music of the 21st century, but this year ended a personal dispute with a clean split, forcing the end of the Civil Wars. Instead of shying away from music, Williams’ has since recorded this emotive duet with her close friend, their voices perfectly complimenting each other and producing only the smoothest harmonies.

In an interview with NPR, Hayley Williams stated that the song is a form of tribute to “the close friendship between women who share their stories with each other, and who lift each other up and understand one another”. It seems only fitting that after years of mentoring, Joy Williams has teamed up with her close friend for a musical therapy session. The bond between female friends is unexplainably strong and more so when it is built on mutual support and admiration rather than being undercut with jealousy and rivalry. It is encouraging to see these two leading ladies make music together and produce such a beautiful video with touching lyrics, words which we all could learn from.

“I hate to see your heart break,
I hate to see your eyes get darker as they close,
but I’ve been there before”


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