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The Happy Project

I want to talk about happy.

Just what is happiness? We all bang on about wanting it, seeking it and sometimes even feeling it, but can anyone truly define it?

 There are plenty of people who seem to think that they can. They start with an exasperated sigh followed by the saddest eyes you could ever see and then, with the deepest of honesties, they tell you that they would be happy if only…

…they were rich…


 …in love.

Humans are truly great at just wandering around, looking at things that they don’t have whilst feeling certain that these things are what it would take to make them happy. And yet, I can’t ever imagine how having a few pennies more or a few extra stalkers could ever change my life for the better.

The other day it poured it down and I was really not dressed for the weather. I stumbled through the door, hair glued to my face with my sodden clothes translucent and my bare arms trembling. I ran upstairs and put on a dry pair of socks and suddenly, my world was a very happy place. My state of being had improved ten-fold. Life had just been made so amazingly better and all because of two pieces of synthesised cotton.

If you’re rich and famous and powerful, how do you make your life better? Once you’re bored of your current state – and boredom is, of course, inevitable – what do you do to create your next smile? If everything you could possibly want in life and more is already there for you, what is there left for you to want? Where do you find the thrill that can only be obtained by finally reaching the top of the mountain you’ve been scaling for months, years even? Honestly, I don’t think you can.

The truth is, I don’t believe in happiness as one set place. It’s not something that others have. Happy is, really, just happier. It is a state where we are just that bit better off than we were a moment ago. Where our feet are no longer cold and wet. Where just one of the many spaces in our hearts becomes occupied.

I’m no Pollyanna or Annie, but I can see how, despite the many things that we can’t control, we can go some way to making our own happiness. We can all play Pollyanna’s ‘Glad Game’ and see through Annie’s eyes. When our pockets are empty, we can at least be happy that we have pockets.

 Life is about liking the now whilst making the next now just that little bit better. June is just 30 days of sunshine and rain. That is thirty days in which we can all decide, just once a day, to make ourselves happy. We can satisfy that chocolate craving, go and find that hug we’ve been longing for or even just stick on a pair of fluffy socks. 30 days of happiness… that’s not so much to ask.  

-The Happy Project-  


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