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Happy Mother’s Day dad

Mother’s Day is next weekend and the card shops are filled with ‘Best Mum in the World’ cards but what about same sex couples? What about having two dads? They are still loving parents, so how do children approach this day, especially when other children might be creating Mother’s Day cards in class?

When watching the Lorraine show, I watched a man explain how he and his husband approach Mother’s Day with their adopted son, who now attends nursery. He was worried and imagined the alienation his son might get if he said he didn’t have a mum or didn’t make a card like all the other children, so in his interview he spoke about how he had to speak to the nursery and ask them to not segregate their son in the card making activities, just because he didn’t have a ‘mother’. They explained to him the importance of all women in the family including aunties, grandmothers and female friends.

I found the whole interview and story extremely heart-warming and inspiring for two reasons. One; I have always shown my mum how much she means to me but I feel like I could do more for the rest of my family, not just the females, but the males too. So for this Mother’s Day I will, again, give my mum a lovely day but will also make the effort to spend time with everyone I love. Two; I have never really thought about how same sex male couples approach holidays like Mother’s Day or how same sex female couples deal with Father’s Day, but after listening to the interview it made me think about the segregation that is still rife in society. A straight couple would never go on TV shows to talk about how they approached certain holidays as it just comes naturally. It is a shame that in 2015 we cannot be more accepting of people that just want to be loving parents.


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