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Hang out in your comfort zone!

I am proclaiming something today that I feel needs to be addressed.

It’s ok to hang out in your comfort zone! (As long as you’re not living there permanently.)

I am a self-confessed, spiritual and self-development junkie, as I assume many of you reading this blog are also. And I am CONSTANTLY putting myself under an insane amount of pressure to get my life moving, follow my dreams and to make a big impact in the world.

As a result of this my life, over the past six or seven months, has been a little nuts to say the least. Wonderful synchronicities have occurred, I have met some amazing people and I have had some extremely life changing situations happen. However, at the end of it all I was so blooming exhausted I barely had the energy to do my morning meditation.

I fell into a cycle of desperation, constantly diving into the unknown and putting myself “out there” in order to allow the universe to catch me, which it always did and I am so grateful for that. But I’ll say it again, although this type of living can be exhilarating and teach us great lessons for some time, it is not sustainable.

We are humans, we have ego’s, we have bodies and we need some structure and stability in our lives in order to stay afloat. And that takes me to my next point, which I am squirming at as I write it:

We must take FULL responsibility for the events and circumstances of our lives in order to become empowered people. 

Eeek, responsibility and commitment. Two words that fill the little me with much dread. I am a creative person and I love to travel, to meet new people and to have new experiences, but I do not want to be broke for the rest of my life! And I am now seeing that there are many ways to live, none of them right or wrong. But I can choose to be on the spiritual path, stretching and expanding, but not necessarily putting myself out on a limb every second of every day.

I believe in manifestation, I regularly think outside the box and find spiritual solutions to things in my life, but I am now ready to merge my spiritual side with my practical side and become a lot more buy tamoxifen for research efficient at bringing light to this world while I’m at it.

I have been so resistant to trying certain things and committing to things such as jobs, relationships and other areas of my life because I felt it bound me in some way. I felt that I needed to be completely free, off with the wind, with no ties so that I could go anywhere I felt called to go at a moment’s notice.

As much as I am so glad I experienced this lifestyle and had the fun I had, in the end, when you have an off day and you’re not coasting on the wings of divine love and abundance every second of the day, the fall out can be pretty painful and it doesn’t give us much self-respect either. I am not judging anyone’s life choices I am just saying for me, being the starving poet or artist is over.

If we want to change the world, we must first change ourselves. 

I may not be living my wildest dreams right this second. But I have smaller goals, practical goals that I want to feel the sense of accomplishment by achieving them first. I don’t need to lead a life of mediocrity just by taking things slower and staying where I am safe, loved, nurtured and provided for a little longer.

I thought I had to get out there and make it happen all by myself to be worthy. Then I realised I was always going to need help from others, but I didn’t have to be helpless in order to ask for help. That’s still one I am working on.

So yes, take risks, take leaps and dream BIG!!! But don’t judge yourself for taking some time (although not forever) to incubate in that beautiful chrysalis known as your comfort zone until you are ready to fly. My comfort zone is living with my parents until I can get myself financially stable enough to be independent. I am no longer investing any more time or energy believing I am meant to be where I am not right now, while still looking ahead and investing in my bright, beautiful, future!

The hippy in me will never die, but she is becoming a lot more balanced and practical, which is groovy baby <3


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