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Woman drying long hair with electric fan

A hair mask experiment

So if you’re a Pinterest lover like I am, you may have seen lots of different home remedies for all sorts of hair problems. Recently, I attempted one of these remedies and thought I would share, with you, my results.

I took 1 part cinnamon, 2 parts honey, 2 parts olive oil, one bag of loose tea, two teaspoons of instant coffee, some water and some conditioner.  I know those measurements are really not that helpful but that’s pretty much what I did… After mixing it all together and letting the water break down the tea and coffee a bit I “smooshed” it all about my hair, slapped on a shower cap, and set the timer for 30 minutes.

Now, some mistakes:

  • I should’ve brewed the tea and strained out the leaves because that made a big huge mess everywhere as they kept flying off my hair every time I added more of the mixture. I think the brewed tea would’ve also eliminated the need for water.
  • I needed more liquid and probably more conditioner to create a paste rather than a glue type mixture.
  • Do not poor the leftovers down your sink! I clogged my sink so SO bad that I needed to get extra strength Drano to make it all go down.

And for the results…! After washing my hair normally with shampoo (as per the directions I found from other recipes) I found my hair to be a little sticky still.  I added some leave in conditioner just to get rid of the knots and then I blew out my hair which worked fine. I probably should’ve added that I have naturally light brown hair with lots of greys that I dye a darker, redder brown.  After blow drying my hair, the color was much more vibrant and my hair was super shiny!  I don’t think I got the ends of my hair well enough as they actually seemed a little dry compared to the rest of my hair.  The olive oil is supposed to solve that problem but I’ll chalk it up to my poor application process.

As for the reactions from other people, everyone was commenting on how I had done something different to my hair.  They said it was shiny, the color looked different and they wanted to know if I dyed it again.  They said it looked highlighted but very natural.  It was fun being complemented all day!

I can’t say for sure if it was the blow dry (I rarely dry my hair) or the actual mixture but I will say that spending some time on my hair definitely had an impact on the people around me. In my opinion, I think the mixture had an effect on the color and it was definitely shiny. All in all, it was a fun experiment that I hope to repeat, taking what I’ve learned from trial #1 and perfecting my methods.  I will try to report back if I notice any other changes!

Ta ta for now :)


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