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What your hair can tell you about your health

Has your hair been acting out lately? Is it not as smooth and strong as it used to be, or do you think it might even be receding? Don’t despair, there are many things that might have influenced your misfortune. Just look at what your hair is trying to tell you and if you are able to recognise the symptoms, you will instantly know who the enemy you need to attack is.

Help! My hair is falling out

If you have noticed that there is lots of hair in the shower every time you wash it, don’t panic. The chances that you are going bald are not as high as you might think and in most cases, this simply means that you have a vitamin deficiency. However, the causes of this problem might be varied. Poor dietary habits, consuming a lot of alcohol and smoking are harmful to your body as it strips the vitamins from it. Stress is no friend to hair either! You need to consume more food rich in vitamins or take supplements made specially for fortifying hair and nails. Do it straight away and you will have stronger hair in no time!

Your hair is growing slowly

No matter how hard you try, how often you visit your hairdresser’s and how expensive the products you use are, there simply seems to be a hurdle your hair is not capable of crossing. What you actually need is more protein in your diet. In order to grow, your hair is no different than the rest of your body. Remember when you were a child how your parents forced you to eat all the food you refused just by saying that you would grow up faster and taller? You can apply the same thing to hair! In order for it to grow faster and longer it needs to be fed adequately. Change your diet and eat more food rich in protein. Seafood, beans, lean meat and eggs are your allies in the battle against slow hair growth.

It just isn’t strong enough

You have noticed that your ends are breaking and you are already panicking. If it happens just once it can be a result of friction between your pillowcase and hair, so go for pillowcases made of silk to stop this damage! Or, if this is a persistent problem and you see that your back strands are breaking, you definitely have to increase the amount of natural calcium in your body. Your body is trying to signal to you that it desperately needs calcium. Apart from including dairy products, leafy green vegetables, almonds and other nuts in your diet, you should add supplements to instantly fight against hair breakage.

It is not as shiny as it used to be

If your hair has lost its natural shine and shine-boosting creams and serums do not help at all, then it is all about your body trying to tell you that you need to pay attention to what you eat. A highly processed diet leads to stripping your hair of essential oils and leaving it dry and brittle and it’s bad for the heart and other organs. Ditch poor eating habits and incorporate fresh fruit and vegetables into your everyday dishes and you will soon see the difference.

The problems you have recently been experiencing with your hair may be more serious than you think. They can indicate the core problems in your body that you need to address right now! Vitamin deficiency, low calcium and insufficient protein levels are the issues that might cause great harm not just to your hair but to your entire body! React now rather than too late as your body is trying to show you that it is experiencing hardships. Your hair is a hint for all the malfunctioning of the body.


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