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Growing old gracefully

As a nation obsessed with plastic surgery and the constant attempts to keep us looking as young, and youthful, for as long as possible, just where do you draw the line? We’ve all been shocked with the complete transformation of renowned actress, Renee Zellweger, as her latest look was unveiled at the Elle Woman awards earlier this week. Gone are the signature cheerful cheeks, and you can’t help but notice the drastic change to her eyes as they’ve become wider, and much more prominent. Has she really been under the knife in an attempt to retain a youthful complexion, or has she merely had a few helping hands along the way with botox, and fillers. Either way, you can’t help but notice the drastic change in her appearance.

As the media constantly prods, and judges each celebrities actions, it’s easy to see how we’ve naturally been so shocked at the images of Renee, just how does a celebrity, constantly in the public eye grow old gracefully, without the worry of the media judging their every decision. Renee herself denies having had any surgery, putting her change in appearance down to a healthier lifestyle, and diet, a few simple lifestyle changes here and there can help to aid the ageing process, which would explain the drastic change in her appearance from weight loss and exercise.

One thing that this has shown us, is how it’s hard for celebrities to grow old gracefully, whether they choose to go under the knife or not, the media’s constant glare is there to judge how they choose to age, whether it’s naturally, or not.

But just how do you age gracefully?, do you choose to let nature take it’s course, and grow old gracefully with a healthy lifestyle, or do you get a few helping hands along the way, with botox and fillers to help hide those wrinkles, and fine lines. No matter how you to choose to age, you can do so without the glare of the public eye, judging your every move, and action as to how you want to look.

Renee’s latest look may have caused a lot of internet drama, but it’s shown us that the media will keep judging a celebrities lifestyle choices, and appearance, however they choose to age. We’re lucky that we can grow old gracefully as we choose, in whatever way we see fit. Whether you want to aid the ageing process along the way, or accept those wrinkles as a part of life, be grateful that you can do so without the glare, and flashes of the cameras along the way.


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