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mixed oil paint with paintbrush

The greatest compliment

I struggle to find a word to define myself. If I had to, I’d end up with a list that grows ever longer by the day. I keep broadening my horizons and love every second of it. One label that has stuck with me for years, since childhood is artist. Now, I have always felt that I am good at art but, not great at art. I always wished to be great at something.

I spent a few years adrift, not really drawing or painting anything, losing faith in my abilities. I recently rekindled my interest after a couple of years of quite severe illness. During this time, a lady I had never really considered to be a close friend emerged and stood by me, supporting me, showing what a true friend really is. After seeing a couple of Alphonse Mucha inspired paintings I had done, she asked me to do something for her. I asked for a list of things that meant something to her which she provided. As payment for the works, she donated money to Dogs Trust, as I hate to receive money for my work.

When she saw the paintings, one aspect in particular moved her to tears, my rendition of her beloved Oscar whom she lost recently.

For any artist, that their work is able to inspire an emotional response is by far the biggest compliment possible. I was honoured to be asked to produce the work and am touched that it meant so much to her.

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