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The graduate

Before I get started let me just say that I am grateful that I am in a better place than some of my fellow graduates. I have my own flat, a full time job and a car. So I am aware that I am very lucky, however I graduated six months ago and I am still struggling with finding a graduate job.

I have been looking, but most jobs are looking for either higher grades or experience in that field. At the moment, I have neither. But I am slowly building my portfolio. I am writing poetry, the odd short story and also editing my NaNoWriMo entry this year. Such a busy bee, but I won’t get anywhere if I don’t do anything.

My job can make it difficult to write but it is something I do to pay the bills. Many of my fellow graduates still live at home so they don’t really have to worry about this and I miss those days, but it would drive me mad not to earn my own money. I also have a flat to keep running, as living at home is no longer an option.

I recently spoke to a job office in my local area. I took note of an admin assistant job but when I expressed my interest they weren’t very helpful in giving me more details as I didn’t have the relevant experience. I think some employers forget that young graduates and young job seekers regardless can pick up things quickly.

The average graduate doesn’t get their first job until between 6 and 18 months after graduating. This is the advice my Careers Centre gave me at an appointment last month. They also advised me to tidy up my LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Now that I think about it, if Employers are going to Google me, I better change my Bebo, MySpace and HiFive.

While I’m working on my portfolio I am also looking at non-degree related graduate jobs, but many of them are manager schemes. I don’t see myself as manager material (yet). It’s not something that I think would benefit me at this moment in time. I am making it clear to employers that I am able to up and move away for a job and I also have a car so I am able to commute, as long as it isn’t too far. I have no children or a relationship to tie me down so I am available to work in the holidays as well. Nothing is really holding me back, apart from the rejections.

Well, six months have passed so hopefully this ‘average graduate’ will have something this time next year. I’m even looking at doing a masters degree for my subject, but I want a job first. Onwards and upwards as they say.

Are there any other Graduates on here who are in the same boat as me?


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