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Being a graduate; One year later

It’s the time of year again where a new flux of fresh faced graduates enter the job market and take their first steps into full adulthood. This isn’t me personally- I graduated this time last year. My main fears were finding a job, having to move back home and generally dealing with adulthood. So how do I feel about these things a year on?

Moving back home

As I’m sure you all know, living in your own place is much more expensive than crashing with your parents. Council tax, rent, bills, petrol, loan repayments… but despite all of that I could only live at home for 6 weeks before I moved back out again. Maybe I should have stuck it out longer, but I simply couldn’t deal with the ‘why are you sitting on the sofa, go look for a job’ spiel! (I don’t think they understood I was looking for a job… while sitting on the sofa.) I now live with my best friend in Manchester, and although the dishes are never done, the freedom is amazing. And we just bought our first painting for the living room – a very grown up feeling!


Getting a Job

Getting a job wasn’t a huge struggle; I often got accepted for part time waitressing and bartending jobs. However, copy writing jobs in journalism were a little thin on the ground. Although I knew it was difficult to get a job, I didn’t realise the true extent of the struggle until at least 200 applications later. It was hard and tiring, and I went through embarrassing spots of unemployment. I felt useless and demotivated, but eventually I decided to register as self-employed, and throw myself into writing full time. And so far – I haven’t looked back! It’s been an amazing 5 months of writing, and sometimes I’m taken aback that I actually (sometimes) get paid to do what I love.

Generally being an ‘adult’

Now that I actually am an adult, it’s hard to figure out if I’m doing it successfully or not! I earn enough money to pay my bills, and sometimes enough for a nice new dress. I’ve just started to run with my friend and its hell for my mental state, but probably good for my insides. My house is messy but not mouldy… so I could probably do to be tidier. However, I realised, one year on, I don’t really care about measuring my success anymore – I am very happy! I love my job, and the people I live with. For me, happiness equals success.


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