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Goodbye to drama

Now is high time for us all to take the action our soul is calling us to take.

Often when we are on the cusp of great change and transformation, external circumstances can get pretty messy. I like to view it as the time shortly after we have prayed for Divine intervention as the relaying of new foundations. We ask for a miracle and pray for our lives to change dramatically and so God swoops in and knocks everything down that is not in alignment with our new vision. Peace is the goal, but pain often precedes it. This is because our ego acts up in the face of adversity and change is definitely not on the ego’s agenda. As long as uncertainty hangs around (which actually when we think of it is all part of life as a human being) the ego’s control over our minds is threatened. In spiritual truth the ego does not really exist, so imagine how fearful it is of you finding that out.

I have known for my whole life that I was meant to help the world in some way. To heal and Love others, to teach and to learn about spiritual principles. But for a long time, and I still do it now, I would use a whole host of delay tactics to stop me from fulfilling this mission. Mainly creating and sustaining drama’s. Sound familiar? Being the victim, attracting dysfunctional relationships and then putting a lot of energy into sustaining them, because they were built on such loose foundations, addictions, fears of the unknown, making choices I knew would slow me down and then to top it all off adding a big dollop of guilt to make sure I was not getting anywhere fast! Yes we all do it, thankfully now I am aware that is what I have been doing!

No wonder so many of us have no energy left to follow our dreams right? Well, I pose to you today a question… what would your life look like if you let just one of those dramas go and used the extra energy to put towards serving the planet? Imagine. It could be something as small as switching that night out binge drinking to stay in and write in your journal or watch an inspiring film. Or it could be saying goodbye to that draining and unhealthy relationship and using the free time to take some yoga classes or to set up your business and begin healing yourself.

I still have my moments, but these days (and especially now that I have little choice left but to go all in) I am so committed to fulfilling my purpose and living my dreams that I will pretty much do whatever it takes to make that happen. Always leading with Love and Grace of course. I seek out support from high minded and open hearted communities. I read my spiritual texts and most importantly I apply these concepts in my daily life as often as possible. Sure I forget from time to time or make choices that may slow me down. But the guilt hangover I used to carry with me everywhere is getting less and less, because I am adding less fuel to its fire.

Life calls us to be brave. A fulfilling life is always pushing us past our comfort zones. And for the ego this can feel very painful. Ask God and the Angels to soften those blows and know that in time you will see what these trying times have been here to teach you. Remember to pray about everything all the time. Converse with your angels and the Divine creator daily, every moment. In good and bad times and you will know that you are never, ever alone. The world needs you to shine your light. Don’t buy into the dramas. Take a courageous step today by walking away and using that left over energy to contribute something beautiful to the world.

I am standing with you as you boldly step forward into the life you were created to live!

God bless,



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