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Good Things – Manuka Honey Refining Scrub

It’s not often I rave about beauty products but this one is a must! I heard about this product on Twitter from a beauty blogger who I follow and decided to give it a go.

I usually use Body Shop products as I used to work there and I really love their ethics when it comes to animals and what ingredients they use. And it works wonders for my skin!  I tend to have flare up’s around my chin area and sometimes get a few white heads so I always use there Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser morning and night and every Wednesday evening I use there Vitamin C scrub which is divine! I also try and do a face mask at least once a week and either use Body Shop’s Oat and Honey Mask or the Tea Tree one.

I must admit I have never used any ‘Good Things’ products before so this is all new to me. My skin at the moment? My nose has finally stopped being dry after having an awful cold last week but my chin still has a few troublesome spots!

People have been relying on honey for years and Manuka honey especially. Is is good for you inside and out! I also drink a cup of hot cinnamon and honey before bed which helps to detox the body. It tastes good too!

Anyway, I purchased some of this Manuka Honey Refining Scrub and even after 2 uses (the recommended usage per week) I can already see a difference in my skin. It feels super soft and my spots have indeed reduced. Happy day’s all round! It’s so lovely to use to as it smells so good you could eat it (please don’t though!)

Give it a try and see what you think!



(Boots, £4.99)


  • Amy Tocknell says:

    Well I’m rushing off to buy some! I had severe acne as a teen and am still plagued with ‘what if it comes back’ anxiety! xx

    • Awww hun, sorry to hear that :( But I would recommend this for sure. It’s really gentle and smells amazing! Have you tried the Body Shop Tea Tree range before? xx

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