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Golo diet craze!

Everyone is talking about the GOLO diet!!

GOLO is a complete solution that creates safe, sustainable weight loss and is effective in reversing obesity, diabetes and heart disease risk factors. The GOLO team is committed to providing a more effective and economical natural solution to the current health care crisis facing the nation. Their mission is to help everyone lose weight, look great and love life.

GOLO 90 Day Rescue Plan
In 90 days the average results for people using GOLO were:

20.6 lbs. average weight lost (or 9.8% of body weight)
3.9” lost from waist (average 2 dress sizes for woman and 3 pants sizes for men)
10% Total Cholesterol reduction
26% reduction in Triglyceride levels
47% reduction in heart disease and type 2 diabetes risk factors
35% of participants no longer pre-diabetic
8 year average reduction in metabolic age
The average weight loss over 6 months was 37lbs. and 6.4” lost from the waist and in only 6 months 77% of GOLO trial participants eliminated or reduced medications.

The average weight loss in 1 year was 49 pounds and 90 pounds over 2 years for those that still needed to lose weight.

A friend of mine, owns a salon in the Isle of Man, UK. They are currently trialling the diet… Cannot wait to hear about the results!

www.cosmetic-medical.com       www.golo.com


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