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Goal Setting For the Business Professional

One of the most important things we can do as professionals is set goals and regularly assess our progress to honestly to determine whether or not we have met the level of achievement we aspired to.  Did I give my all to my most recent project?  Did I call one extra customer that I could sell to?  How much research have I actually done this week?  The list of questions can be endless.  But since we are the only ones who honestly know what we are trying to achieve, only we can manage our aspirations and the path we take to reach them.  Are we on the right path to growing our businesses with goal setting and attainment?

There are several things that can be done to help maintain focus on business goals and ensure that the most that can be given to a task is given.

  1. Set professional goals.  This might seem pretty obvious to some, but one must start at the beginning.  There are very few things more aggravating than wandering around aimlessly.  A story or novel can flounder and stagnate due to the absence of something to work towards.  Once the destination is set, the path leading to that place is often less jagged. This is also true with other business goals.
  2. Be realistic.  When setting the goals for our professional and personal lives, we must set them at a realistic level so that they remain in balance.  Spreading oneself too thin among several different tasks can prove to be detrimental; not only by having a mediocre product or service being displayed, but also by wreaking havoc with our health.  Most customers would rather be serviced with impeccable quality than given an assembly line processed presentation and “salesy” pitches.
  3. Re-assess goals on a regular basis.  Oftentimes, we set goals in the heat of the moment and they seem on track at the outset.  However, experience may tell us that they really aren’t working, or need to be tweaked.  We cannot be afraid to re-evaluate what we are saying we want to achieve.  If you are growing your business, your needs will change–so should your goals and how they are reached.
  4. Set sub-goals if necessary.  Everything happens in its own time.  Sometimes there are smaller achievements along the path to success.  Acknowledging these steps will give a greater sense of accomplishment than waiting only for the attainment of larger targets.
  5. Publicly announce the target.  Words are very powerful.  If we tell someone else of our intent, we are more cognizant of the commitment we must have to actually working toward the prize.  Even speaking the words to ourselves out loud can affirm what we wish to achieve.

Surely everyone who deems him or her self a professional wishes to have a thriving practice.  Let’s make it our main priority to set goals for ourselves, and then actually perform the follow up work to ensure the goals lead to success.


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