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Glance: A Sex Tape With A Difference

Wearable Technology is very much my ‘thing’ at the moment. From smart watches to smart glasses, uptake of this new technology is rising and I seem to be writing more and more on the subject and it was whilst researching Google Glass that I came across Glance: an app that gives you the opportunity to ‘experience moments more beautifully’. Which made me winder, is Glance just another way of making a sex tape?

So, Google Glass is a wearable device that looks like a pair of glasses. You can use them to capture and see images, take calls, access the internet use apps and a whole host of other things. You can control Google Glass with your voice by issuing the command, “Ok, Glass” followed by an instruction so, “Ok, Glass, take a picture”.

Images are projected via a small box, just in front of your right eye. This enables you to see video, read text, access apps whilst also being able to see and go about your everyday life. While Glass is slowly starting to become more mainstream, users still tend to be ‘techy geeks’ or people with money to burn. Though recently, Net-a-porter.com started to sell frames designed by Diane Von Furstenberg, so it could be that they start to become more socially acceptable and mainstream. This is the basic design.

Image: Google Inc

Ok, so let’s say you’ve bought a pair. That’s £1,000 for the standard Explorer edition or £1,250 for a Diane Von Furstenberg design. What can you do with them? Hmm…..

Glance is an app that’s coming soon to Google Glass. Let’s not beat about the bush here. It’s an app that allows you to record your sex life. Or, more precisely, to see what your partner sees. Yes, see yourself in action. So, you’re getting hot and heavy, both wearing your £1,000 Google Glass headwear, when you both seductively murmur “Ok, Glass, it’s time”. Glass will start live streaming what you see and stream it live to the other person. You can also record the action. Is this the next big thing in sex or is it a complete passion killer? I should add that you stop recording by saying ” Ok, Glass, pull out”. Romantic eh?! Well it gets worse, if you are stuck for ideas mid-shag, say ” Ok, Glass, give me ideas” and you’ll be shown lessons from the Karma Sutra.

The footage you record isn’t saved or hosted anywhere unless you save it. Google Glass has a built-in memory so you can save it then upload it onto your smart phone or into cloud storage. How safe is your footage then? Hmm, with the recent Apple iCloud shenanigans, that’s for you to decide but is it for you?

I get this app and I can see that people could find it a turn-on. You get to see your sexual experiences from all different angles after all. I might be being fussy, but I’m thinking practicalities here:

1. Is wearing Google Glass in the bedroom a turn-on?
2. Do I want to see myself in action, live? I think this could actually kill the moment for me!
3. Is it making sex more awesome or is it an unwelcome intrusion?
4. Do I really want to be wearing £1,000’s of pounds worth of technology during sex? Knowing me, I’d throw them off mid-bonk, only to stand on them later.
5. ” Ok, Glass, pull out”. Really? They couldn’t think of a more suitable way of stopping the app?

I don’t own a pair of Google Glass. Not yet anyway. If I did, would I be using Glance? I doubt it. Record your own sex tape, why not. Live streaming yourself in action? Not for me. I don’t want to see my own sex faces in real time. Or my wobbly bits.

If you want to find out more about Glance, then you’ll find it here.

So, come on ladies, can you see yourself giving Glance a try? If you met a partner that wanted to use Google Glass in the bedroom would you give it a go? Let me have your thoughts.


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