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Giving Into Temptation ~ Part 1

“How could she have been so stupid? She turned around and looked at the man asleep. But, damn, he’s gorgeous. No woman could resist that charm of his. Alani had told herself that she wouldn’t give in to temptation. But, seeing him again last night after such a long time had did something to her thinking, and the alcohol hadn’t helped. Seeing Matthew again had brought back so many memories. How long had it been; almost a year? Now, here he was in her bed sleeping with no stress lines on his face, just smoothness and his strong jaw line. He was too handsome for his own good. The dark, thick hair in the front that always seem to fall onto his forehead and how she used to always brush it back for him. Alani got up and donned her robe and walked quietly into the kitchen to put on some coffee.”

Matthew smelled the coffee and slowly woke up. He couldn’t believe how things turned out for them last night. And, now to wake up in her bed; it put a smile on his face. He now had a second chance with her and promised himself that he would not lose her again. He got up and strolled into the kitchen to join her.

Alani could sense that he was near before she even saw him. “Good morning”, said Alani as she turned around to face Matthew.

“Good morning’, replied Matthew.

Alani’s heart was beating triple time and she stood there not knowing what to say next. She was so nervous. What should she say next, how is this going to play out? Her nerves were shot and her hands were shaking. She immediately put her hands behind her back as she waited for what seemed forever to see what he would say and/or do.

Matthew looked at her and wasn’t sure what to say. Should he walk over to her and hold her tight like he wanted or just give her some space. He could see the nervousness in her and didn’t want to scare her off.

“The coffee smells great. How long have you been up?” he asked her.

Unsure of what to do, but not ready quite yet to discuss what happened, Alani regained the motions of her body and turned around to get two cups out of the cabinet and started pouring the coffee. She walked over to him and handed him his coffee.

“Thank you”. He took a sip and smiled.

“You remembered how I like my coffee”.

“Well, of course”, she replied.

“Okay, should we talk about what happened last night?” asked Matthew.

Alani took a deep breath and said “Okay”.

“It was a big surprise to see you. I am glad that I did. Look, I know you’re wondering where are going to go from here. I want to tell you that seeing you again made me realize how much I miss you. I let you go once, but don’t plan on losing you a second time.” said Matthew.

All Alani could do is stare at him with her jaw dropped. She quickly starts sipping on her coffee to gain some time before she replied. “What makes you think that you have a second chance with me?” she asked.

“Because last night showed me that I was a fool to let you go six months ago. I was so hung up on proving to you that I could give you everything you wanted which took me from you those long work hours. My business was just starting to take off also. And, I didn’t want you to have to worry about anything that I forgot to pay attention to you. I realized that it wasn’t just about the money with you, but rather us as a couple and spending time with each other.”, Matthew said.

Alani looked at him and replied, “But, Matthew, I was constantly trying to tell you that the money wasn’t important. I told you that all I wanted was you, not your money.”

“I know that now, Alani”.

“So, are you telling me that everything is going good for you and you now have time for me? Because as I see it, when the next big deal come up for you, you’ll get right back into the long hours of working”. Alani said. “But, it wasn’t just that and I think you could guess where I am going with this” added Alani.

Matthew looked at this beautiful woman, and for the life of him, could not figure out what the hell she was talking about.

“What do you mean; I could probably guess what you are leading up to?”

Alani realized that he was right. She recalled seeing him with her and how she ran out and drove away without saying anything. Her pride had stopped her from making a fool of herself. She had not told him that she had seen them. She now realized that she should tell him. Alani took a deep breath and said, “I saw you with her that day in the restaurant.”

Puzzled, Matthew asked her”, “What woman and which restaurant”?

To be continued…..


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