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The girl that calls herself Delta Maid

The beauty of a modern day Dolly Parton and the talent to boot, do not however try to box this artist. There is more than meets the eye. Having supported Gary Barlow (whose management company she was signed to) at his 40th birthday charity gig, Delta Maid is well on her way to making her mark. Proving her worth alongside the musical talent of today, having opened for the likes of Seth Lakeman, Ellie Goulding and Ray LaMontagne on their U.K. tours, this Liverpudlian songstress has soul. Evident in her ability to showcase her musical stylings across a number of genres. I was lucky enough to share a few words with the lady herself.

What music did you listen to during your teenage years?
I was brought up, from an early age, on a good diet of country blues, although I was also exposed heavily to The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Van Morrison and the like. When I was 13, I got a CD by the blues aficionado Rory Block which was ultimately the main catalyst for me being really hooked on the early Delta blues artists, like Robert Johnson and Bessie Smith. I was really drawn to, and still am, anything that has a lot of soul, so I really liked listening to Al Green, Otis Redding, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Etta James etc, all the old soul kings and queens.

My teenage years fell in the 90s and so I spent a lot of time enjoying the R&B wave of that time; Donnell Jones and Jodeci for example. I wore out my CD of Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation! Aside from all that I also listened to a lot Jewel and Alanis Morrisette. I followed the charts and loved anything that had a great melody and lyrics, I was pretty open to everything.

I blame my Mum for my once closeted love of Doris Day and Patsy Cline, did any of your family influence your musical tastes?
As mentioned previous, I was exposed to the likes of Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzell and Bonnie Raitt. Records were always played at home and so I grew up loving that old school country blues vibe. I think the internet was a big player in me discovering current music and then the tables turned, whereby my brothers and I started recommending other artists for my mum and dad to listen to!

What’s your musical guilty pleasure, you shouldn’t, but you just do!
I’m very partial to Kevin Little’s Turn Me On and No Letting Go by Wayne Wonder.

Having toured with the likes of Martha Wainwright and Ray Lamontagne, who would you love the opportunity to work with, either touring alongside or as a collaboration?
I’ve always loved The Black Keys and Dan Auerbach’s solo stuff, so that would be very cool. I also follow an artist called Chris Stapleton, former frontman of The Steeldrivers as his voice is incredible and although he’s predominately country, he just oozes soul.

Thanks to the likes of New Girl, we now know it’s perfectly acceptable to have Joni Mitchell on repeat and Taylor Swift blaring. When you’re having ‘a moment’ whose music do you turn to?
Well I love Joni Mitchell! For me, those buy nolvadex estrogen blocker “moment” listens are probably Sunshine Anderson and Angie Stone. Divas that help me stop feeling sorry for myself and stay strong!

You’re songwriting at the moment. Do you have ten different ideas already in your head already or do you have to actively seek motivation? What’s your inspiration for writing?
I am a sucker for always discarding ideas because they’re not good enough, so I’ve had to really learn to sometimes roll with things and see them out until the end. I struggle if I have too long of a reprieve, it works the opposite for me, I have to be in the mode of always looking for ideas or I struggle. I will hear a phrase on TV or read something and have to write it down and bank it so I always have a starting point when I sit down. Other times I get a wave of inspiration and I’ll sit at the piano or pick up the guitar and it just comes, but that doesn’t happen so often. More often than not, I have to be emotionally stable so that I can process thoughts, so even if it’s a sad or introspective thought, I have to be in a good place to consolidate it.

The Beatles shot to fame due to their rock and roll style. Their roots however were based in blues. Do you regard yourself as a country and blues singer or a musical fusion of different genres?
I used to get a bit down at always being boxed as a country blues artist because I love singing and writing totally across the board. It’s easy for people to dismiss the other things you can do because you have been defined in a certain way. With that though, I do feel being rooted in that background has a very positive effect on the stuff I write because it sometimes brings something different to the sound. I’d like to think my writing is constantly evolving. The more you are exposed to different sounds, it becomes inevitable.

Your music has had you travelling all over the world, where did you enjoy most? Is there anywhere you haven’t been yet that you would love to?
I love Nashville, but Memphis was my “Oh My God” moment. It’s real and everyone playing there, even in the smallest bar, has the most amazing voice; the talent is scary. I have never been to New Orleans, that’s next on my list, for the music. There’s obviously loads of other places, non-music wise that I would love to go, Vietnam being one of them.

With regards to your future, what are you hoping to achieve?
I am writing at the moment for other projects that are not my own. Dream-wise, I’d love to establish myself as a successful multi-genre writer. If I decide to write another album for myself and the stars align, I’d like to put another record out there, but right now I want to write a successful corker that is totally unexpected from a girl that calls herself Delta Maid!

To learn more about Delta Maid (http://deltamaid.com/) please do check out her Facebook and Twitter page


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