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Getting my business Tweets noticed:

I’ve been told that like with any business account on any social networking website, it is important to make sure that your tweets or posts are getting noticed (I guess that is rather obvious). Seeing the whole point of using a social networking site to increase business, is to always engage with the public. Engagement is key! If you are not engaging with other people or they are not engaging with you, then there is little point in being on Twitter in the first place. Well, that was the advice I was given, but like normal it was packed full of mumbo-jumbo. So, I kind of figured that you shouldn’t have to sort through it too.

It is important to try and send a minimum of three to five tweets per day, preferably one every couple of hours is better. If you don’t tweet often then of course you are not going to get the attention your business is after, however, it is important not to over tweet. Yes, tweets don’t have a long ‘shelf life,’ they are replaced frequently on a user’s page, but sending fifty in a row is just going to annoy people rather than have any positive effect on the reader. You don’t want to be that annoying person, do you?

Keep your tweets between one hundred and ten and one hundred and thirty characters in length. Tweets too short don’t hold enough of the information required, whilst tweets that are too long can get boring and can drift away from the important points that are being put across. I suggest you keep your tweets to the point and full of the information that you are wanting to get across. That said, if you are interested in getting your tweet ‘retweeted,’ then it is best to limit the content to under one hundred characters, this means that your followers don’t have to faff about editing your tweet before they retweet it.

I have heard people recommend for the most engagement, to tweet during daytime hours. Of course this is important if this is when your target audience is most active, but from personal experience, most people generally only find time to read tweets during the evening and at weekends, as this is when they are free to do so. There are various free tools out there which tell you exactly what times your target audience is active on Twitter – Tweriod is one of these tools.

Like a lot of posts on social networking websites, the posts which include an image or video are often the most viewed or the most that reposted. Therefore, including an image in your tweets will increase the engagement that you receive on Twitter. Yes, of course it is a lot easier to just write a tweet, but if you go to the effort of including an image, your effort will be greatly repaid.

Using hashtags in your tweets is critical to achieving an increase in engagement on your account. Hashtags are basically there to create higher visibility on your Twitter page, they actually have been shown to double your engagement rate – use them!

Another important tip to increase your engagement rates on Twitter, is to include links in some of your tweets. Apparently, your tweet is much more likely to get re-posted if it includes a link. More links in your tweets, equals much higher engagement rates – what’s there to lose?

It is true, these top tips will take little time and effort to implement but will result in an obvious increase in your engagement on your Twitter page (I’ve proof!) They are so worth doing if you wish to get your business out there and noticed.


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