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What to get the guy with everything?

Everyone has that one person in their life that seems to have everything or at least can buy themselves anything and everything they want. This really does throw a spanner in the works for birthdays and worst of all Christmas. I must be truly unlucky in my life as I have several people that I just do not know what to get them –men of course, always the hardest for me to buy for. You search high and low for even the simplest of things but it is never good enough, often finding yourself saying “it’s not good enough” and “he will never use it” or even “they already have one of them, I’m sure of it”. The day ends up creeping every closer and closer and before you know it Christmas will be only the week later and still you have nothing.

Time and time again I say to myself that I will start early this year, I will get all the presents sorted and know exactly what to get everyone –it never happens. Maybe I’m just a Grinch sometimes around the festive season but seeing it everywhere for months on end before it even hits December in my mind is irritating. When it gets closer and closer to the actual festive season I can be seen to get a little more stressed as they days go by and my list of things to get just doesn’t seem to be getting shorter but, at least for me, seeing all the decorations, presents and even chocolates is a constant reminder of what stress is to come.

I doubt I am the only person to have seen Halloween decorations and treats in one isle only to walk into the next and see all the Christmas things bursting off of the shelves. Supposed to set your mind at rest, knowing that you can get everything early without having to worry about it all only a few weeks before Christmas. However, this really doesn’t help those with no ideas at all on what to get that ‘annoying’ person that they know. It becomes almost a mission in the final months of the year to find something perfect without spending a small fortune on something that they would have never been able to get themselves.

A perfect balance is something to strive towards, to look like you know the person, their wants, desires even their hobbies and interests but to also be able to afford something for them without having the stress builds to boiling point –giving up and snatching whatever is closest starts looking like a good idea. Lists, lists and even more lists are soon to become my friend, everything from needing some extra light bulbs and batteries to everything needed to make a perfect Christmas dinner with all the delicious trimmings. However, one list I always struggle with is what to get someone, draft after draft is written up, before I take one step to getting something.

Maybe it’s just me but I like the person to know I have thought about –had a mental break down over- picking their gift so that it truly looks like I know them well and actually care if they like the present. For me it’s not good enough to buy someone a box of chocolates or a pair of socks no matter how expensive the items are –no creativity required, but maybe that’s why it becomes harder and harder each year to find that perfect present that just screams “They will love it!”

Since October I have been talking to family, finding out what they are getting others and what they could possibly need or want. Even looking on sites perfect for those gifts you just wouldn’t think about, finding something personal or at least something that can be personalised. I have found everything from the strange chocolate brussel sprouts and name crayons to jewellery and food and drink hampers; truthfully something for everyone’s tastes but still my struggle is real and stuck in the front of my mind.

So what do you get the man who has everything and can get himself anything he wishes with a click of his fingers? If money was no issue it could be quiet easy to get them a holiday to somewhere they have always wanted to visit, to buy them a new car or a new piece of technology before they can snatch it up themselves. However, we all know when the festive season comes along every penny matters, counting all the spare change in the bottom of your purse or stored away in a jar –one of the most expensive times of the year. You simply can’t afford to blow vast amounts of money on that one person, be it uncle, father, brother or even sometimes your own partner; looking to the sky really isn’t an option.

You never want to put a limit upon just how much you will spend on an individual feeling like you are capping how much you care about them but at the end of the day it’s not how much you spend upon a gift it’s the thought that goes into it. In my case it means that the gifts I give are unbelievably expensive as the amount of thought and stress that goes into getting just one small stocking filler is mind boggling. So just where do you start and when time is running out where do you end up turning to before you just grab the simplest of thing, a bottle of alcohol you hope they will like and lots of little stocking fillers to make it appear that you have actually thought about it.

The task is only made harder when it is a family member that you do not see all the time, but are still close enough to that you can’t ignore them or just pick up something random. Not seeing them or keeping in contact every week means that you won’t know everything that is going on in their lives at the moment or even sometimes things that are planned for in the future. It is true that most of the time people don’t change like the wind but often what was once a wonderful hobby –something you could get gifts for in a moment’s notice- is just a distant memory or their future plans could make a gift that you give them obsolete –the creation of e-readers meaning gifting books is no good any more. It means you have to make an impromptu visit or at least a communication to the person often resulting in hours and hours of finding out anything and everything you could have possibly missed in their lives for a simple –fingers crossed- idea on what to get them for Christmas.

The guy who has everything and the woman who still has to buy him something is a battle as old as time, and one that doesn’t seem to be stopping and becoming a thing of history any time soon –at least for poor little ol’ me. There are so many factors to be thought of when buying a gift for even the easiest person, should you get them this or that, which will they like and appreciate more but at least those people come with standard ideas. Begging for help before your brain pops with stress and just giving in to the traditional, alcohol, chocolate and a selection of stocking fillers in hope that it all goes well. Christmas is all about family and being together in a happy environment but these days it really does matter what gifts you give; so I pray that you do not suffer as I do, searching and searching with fingers crossed, hopes high for that perfect, wonderful gift.


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