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Get active with your kids

Getting active with your children is a great way to ensure that they develop strong, healthy bones and keep to a healthy weight. It is also good for you! Not only do you keep fit yourself, you get to run around, act like a kid and have some fab fun with your children. It sounds all good, what’s not to like, right? The best idea is to find physical activities that all your family can join in and enjoy together. Here are my top ways to have fun while getting fit, with your family.

School is such an easy way to fit in some exercise, so make sure you walk to school as often as possible. Letting your children ride their bikes or scooters (safely) to school is another great, simple way to get them active on a daily basis.

Music baby! Dancing like crazy and singing your heart out is not only a great way to enjoy your favourite music, but it gets your active as well. Perhaps suggest that every member of the family picks a couple of their favourite tracks and you mix them up. I bet you never knew dancing to Humpty Dumpty could be so much fun!

If you own a dog, insist that weekend walks are family walks. If you don’t own one though, perhaps borrow a neighbour’s or friend’s dog or suggest you all come along too and have a picnic half-way round.

The park is great place for your kids to run about and have fun. Not only can they use the equipment but you could also have a family game of frisbee or football. If it is a particularly windy day, you could always bring your kite along for something different to do.

Trees are fab! Not only can you use them as supports to build a den but you can also have great fun climbing them. Climbing a tree, in my opinion, is certainly something we should all experience at some point in our life.

“Oh I do like to be beside the seaside….” Whether you go for a day trip in the summer or for a week long holiday, beaches are an amazing place for you to get active with your kids. There is plenty of space for them to have a good run about and amples of safe, shallow spots for them to have a swim. Why not play jumping over the waves with the children? Or go climbing amongst the rock pools?

Go on some fun filled, family, activity days. The National Trust properties or RSPB reserves are great for some family fun. The grounds are big enough for a good game of tag and they often have adventure playgrounds or special activities on for children. Fancy some pond dipping?

Maybe your child has a particular passion for a single kind of sport. Well, why not enroll them in a club? Be it football, tennis or karate, there are many different after school or weekend sports clubs about. If they are not sure that they want to commit themselves to one sort of sport, then multi-sport clubs are open too.

Keeping yourself and your kids active is very important. Not only for their health but they learn so much through interacting with other people and the world around them. Make them some happy childhood memories, by packing their weekends full of family adventures.


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