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Norwegian omelette (or Baked Alaska) cake macro


If you haven’t watched Wednesday 27th’s Great British Bake Off then read no further. Spoiler alert!

This is the first year I’ve actually watched Bake Off and I’m so glad I did.

Last night the group had to make a Baked Alaska, or ice cream cake, which was filmed on the hottest day of the year so far. The programme showed Diana asking Nancy ‘Who’s ice cream is that?’ ‘I think it’s Iain’s,’ she replies as Diana took it out of the freezer.

Iain returns to his dish to see that the ice cream hasn’t even frozen yet, never mind melted. To which Diana says ‘You had your own freezer didn’t you,’ turning her attention back to her meringue swan. Iain proceeded to lose his cool and stormed off and, quite bravely, presented the judges with a bin and the remnants of his cake. Thus he was ejected from the show.

Now I was shocked that his ice cream was just left out and the ‘freezer’ comment was unacceptable but I wasn’t aware that the whole nation was thinking the same thing. By the end of the programme 90% of the UK’s trending tweets were about the ‘bincident’. Including: #dirtydiana, #justiceforiain, #bingate – started by BBC one’s tweets (Typical Britain, concerned about cakes).

At first I thought it was quite funny, there were jokes like ‘Diana will wake up with a swan’s head in her bed,’ and jokey memes appeared of a menacing Diana. It’s at this point that I like the power of social media because I feel like part of a collective and I feel like my opinion is validated.

But then there’s the one’s who take it too far and get personal and these are the people who spoil social media. There is a thin line between ‘OK’ and ‘Too far’, especially where social media is concerned. People think they’re anonymous on Twitter because they don’t know the people they’re criticising and we’re all guilty to some extent. For example, after GBBO I watched The Wedding Date and tweeted about Debra Messing’s terrible acting in it (still love you Debra), and to some extent this is not unusual because these people are out there for normal peeps like us to watch. Then there’s just unnecessary, even nasty, comments, which Diana really doesn’t deserve. The Bake Off controversy really took the biscuit (badum-tsh), to the point where Sue Perkins stepped in to point out that it might be the editors who are trying to get this reaction, then Paul Hollywood stepped in in saying this all would make Mary Berry sad, that made us all feel guilty.

So now I believe naughty editing was involved, I hope there was an apology from Diana but Iain was right to leave because he could have presented his sponge at least.

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