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The funniest day!!!

There I was…..6am stuck in traffic and bored to death!

In my usual style,  suit hung in car, travel mug of coffee, hair in rollers and my tracksuit and slippers on!

It is a dismal day and a huge (not so pleasant meeting) lay ahead……!

Crap…..petrol, I had none…..17 miles left and 22 until services….ooopsie, slow lane it will have to be!

At least it’s is only 6am and no-one will see me!

Stood at the petrol pump in my gorgeous attire when I heard ‘sam….hi’….oh god, oh god, oh god…..There in front of me was my client, yes….the very client that I was driving to see!!!!

We both burst out laughing and made small talk and I very sheepishly returned to my car….After paying of course!

I continued driving,  and in very slow traffic was happily yelping at the top of my voice to Michael Buble.

I arrived around the corner from my meeting,  slipped my suit on and took my rollers out,  there all ready,  and in I go…

I said hi to my petrol station new best friend and his colleagues and sat down.

We discussed many things which lead us on to IP cameras, they had a fault so I agreed to take a quick look.

I hear a chuckle and thought ha, they think I can’t do this,  so off I marched!

Oh god, there was the camera, and there was I on playback….yes, the very building that I had hidden behind was on their CCTV!!!

Getting changed, rollers and make up with a quick blast of making sure my nose was clean!!!!

The guys fell about the floor laughing,  however what I can say, is that from this very ridiculous day I met a wonderful client.

I have worked with him now for many years and at every given opportunity he tells people our story.

He said no other company could ever have given the same impression as I.

So ladies,  business is good but humour is great!

That day I drove home mortified,  these days I remember this story and giggle!

And still to this very morning I leave home early in exactly the same attire, I have just learnt to strategically park and check for cameras lol.



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