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The most frustrating words in the world ‘sorry, you have not been successful’.

So, you’ve found the perfect job, as you scroll through the job description you just know that you’ve got what it takes to fit in the role, you’ve got the experience behind you, you know what your doing, and you can instantly imagine yourself working there, so, you hit the ‘submit’ button and wait to see what happens, keeping those fingers tightly crossed as you wait for a response. Will they say yes? You know that you’re more than suitable for the job, you’ve been doing it for what feels like all your life, and you can’t imagine yourself doing anything else.

As you sit patiently waiting for a response you carry on as usual, applying for other similar jobs, but secretly holding out for that last application to come through, then after hours, maybe even days of waiting, you finally hear that ping as an email pops up. The job titles there in the header, is it good news? Is it the interview offer that you’ve been holding out for?

As you anxiously open the email, speed reading through to get to the important bit, you see those dreaded words that every person hates to see “Sorry, you have not been successful”, why you ask yourself, I was the right fit for the job, I’ve got the experience, I know what I’m doing, so what’s wrong? Did I say the wrong thing in my application, were my references not good enough. As you scroll further down you see the final nail in the coffin, “this is due to other candidates being more suitable for the position”. Really?! What could the other candidates possibly have that I don’t? Five, ten years experience?, a friend in the company? As the words roll around your mind you can’t possibly think of what would make those other, successful candidates stand out above you, you just knew that you were the perfect match for the job.

It’s a blow that’s always disappointing, when you can see yourself working in that position before you’ve even applied, when you’ve held out hoping that this one would be the perfect fit for you. But as frustrating as rejection can be when looking for a new job you have to remind yourself that the right job will eventually come along, yes it may take time, several rejections and failed interviews for it to fall in your lap, but when it does come along it will be worth the wait, and you’ll wonder why you got so disheartened from all those rejections before the perfect job really does come along. Just hold out and it will eventually happen.


  • I know how you feel! The same thing happened to me. I applied for a position that I would have been perfect for. Someone else got it because they had ‘experience’, the job was a junior position that required no experience (it was suitable for a graduate such as myself) I was frustrated that I was so close to getting my dream job!! They even told me that if it wasn’t for the other person, I would have the job! :( It will eventually happen for me, I just have to believe in myself. Good luck to you too! Hold on, keep applying and you will get that dream job and I’m sure I will as well :)

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