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Are we free — on the inside?

The free spirit

When those words are used to describe a person, “She is a free spirit –.”  What does it actually mean? What many perceive as a free spirit is often not what someone is – their character. The lines surrounding this person are rather blurry. Not identifiable. This one you cannot identify and conform to only one concept. Generally speaking, they can be anyone. Your hard-working next door neighbour might be one. This is more of a mindset quality than an actual physical trait. It must be an inner struggle, a turmoil – to be ‘constrained’ to a regular job etc. and they are most likely bursting with a quest for adventure or something similar. Inside they are a free spirit, but they also have to survive. Some try and succeed in pursuing a life they want but others are not that fortunate and have to fulfil mandatory obligations but, their dream is always there. A dream that must never fade away.

Many think an adventure is required. They are then a free spirit. An adventure for example, is often perceived as a family or single trip down a rapidly flowing river. White river rafting in Africa. A large or small dose of danger accompanies this kind of an adventure. Not so. It can be as simple as a trip into town but, productive. You return home, utterly breathless and flop down on the couch. Not necessarily buying things – just you meeting someone or some people you do not normally bump into, or doing something completely different to your normal life. Something that leaves you with a good feeling. A feeling of wanting more. Not yearning for it, as you did it already, but wanting to repeat it. So in actuality, it is not the act itself but, the feeling it evokes. A feeling you made happen.

Many attributes are associated with a free spirit. Do you have any of them?

–           Able to make yourself happy

–          Enjoy spontaneity

–          Love unconditionally

–          Create something new

–          ‘Walk’ new paths

–          Play often

–          Curious, (not nosey).

–          Kindness

–          Compassionate

–          Live life with passion

–          Love authenticity

–          Be bold

–          Laugh out loud, pretty often

–          Dance crazily on your own.

–          Will not be led by perfection

–          Embrace flaws

–          Make mistakes

–          Colour outside the lines

–          Never stop learning and growing – regardless of age!

–          Try something new as often as you can. Something that benefits others as well.

–          Share

–          Nonconformist, not restrained by convention.

–          Infectious attitude.

–          Cannot be ‘caged’.

–          Sing out loud, to yourself.

–          Independent

The animals often portraying the sought after free spirit is none other, than the horse. A majestic animal – the free galloping horse symbolises the free spirit. Unrestrained. Unbridled to any conformity, literally so. Another often used is an eagle. Also majestic. Soaring, flying effortlessly – no further words are needed, the reason is obvious. We see it, no need to interpret them. It is black and white. No grey.

Yeah… that brings back memories! One sunny day, I decided to embrace that wild and free feeling. Many years ago, when I rode horses, I climbed on my horse, bare back and no form of anything to control her. I thought, to really feel great and free, I only had my bathing costume on. She was happily grazing away with her mates, in a huge paddock. We galloped from the one end to the other. She decided this was a game and gave a huge buck (jump) of joy. Obviously we separated. I hit the dirt and only wearing a  swimsuit, the friction left me with great big grazes from sliding on the grass. I was vain enough to be glad knowing no one saw that seriously inelegant dismount. Yeah, so that idea was not a good one. Never tried it again. My idea of being a free spirit was an illusion. Not that. Not at all that tangible. I realised it is something in you, you cannot make it occur. It was and should always be there. What I did was just plain crazy.

We recognise it flowing in our veins. No need to prove it. If you feel the need to prove it – was it ever there?


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