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Follow your passion

As someone who attempts to follow the law of attraction, I have heard many times of the philosophy of living out your passion in order bring about your chosen path, happiness, success and personal wealth. Not so easy when you have work, family commitments and bills to pay. This is a concept I have supported yet struggled with at the same time.

Upon visiting a lovely shop in Stafford last year and wanting to network and become friends with the business owner, I looked for something I could buy on my budget. I found a second-hand book called The Passion Test by Janet Bray-Attwood and Chris Attwood priced at four pounds. It felt right so I bought the book. The book then sat on the shelf for a year while I experienced trials and tribulations, part-time work which did little for my soul and battles with my own sanity.

When we moved house in May, I finally had the time and motivation to visit friends in Birmingham and sought something to read on the train (commuting doesn’t happen often now I work from home, so it has become exciting) and I pulled The Passion Test from the shelf, throwing it into my bag – “That one will do”.

What unfolded was liberating. This book is not about just positive thinking – it is about actually identifying one’s passions. Until I “took” the “passion test”, I was following paths that weren’t really my own and feeling I should do things that were generated from others’ expectations. The main key of this amazing book is to make you realise what you are truly passionate about.

I thought I knew, but on completing the test, some of the things I thought were unimportant to me became top of my list! Reading the experiences of the authors and others who have carried out this practice is important and inspiring – if you do read the book don’t skip through; it has a purpose.

Now I have identified my top five passions, my life is more fulfilling as I am visualising myself living these and focusing on what makes me fly. I still have to do the washing, cooking and cleaning and I’m still looking for a part-time job to subsidise my self-employment, but that self-employment has changed direction to fit in with my passions and is gaining momentum every week.

Quality of life is about doing what makes you happy. It is not all about money, however money helps. Chasing opportunities and fighting against the nature of your soul can sometimes happens as a result of keeping up with those responsibilities. Taking time out to focus on YOU and your passions on a regular basis, in your spare time, might just open up a new opportunity you had not considered before!  x


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