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Flo candles – a product review

We all know how much I love candles, they are my weak spot, my Achilles heel; I simply can’t get enough of them and the Flo candles are no exception. They arrive looking beautiful in a classic white box, which once opened releases the heavenly scent of the unlit candle into the room.


Once out of the box, the candle itself looks elegant in a clear glass jar with polished stainless steel lid and simple black and white label. The simplicity means they won’t look out of place in any room in the house and their sensual fragrances means you will want them in EVERY room.


Flo are handmade luxury candles made from 100% natural soy and infused with pure essential oils. This has many benefits, firstly it means that these are clean burning candles, releasing no chemicals into the air you’re breathing. Secondly, the essential oils hold the key to the fragrance and unlike some scented candles these will continue to provide you with a beautiful room-filling scent every time the candle is burning, for the duration of the burn. The essential oils also have added benefits depending on your choice of candle. The candle I was sent to review was Relax: A blend of lavender, marjoram and bergamot. Not only does it smell divine but the oils used to create the candle are proven to help you unwind and as the candle burns, these essential oils are released into the air for you to breathe in and help you relax.


Flo have a range of fragrances for you to choose from including; happiness, an uplifting candle, lemon grass, to help overcome stress and grapefruit, to help eliminate kitchen odor’s. They also have different styles and products available. To see the full range click here.

 (The opinions are expressed are mine alone. The product was kindly provided by Flo)


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