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Fitness freak or freaked out by fitness?

Is being fit really important to you or are you not bothered in the slightest?

Everyone loves a good quiz. Here’s one to help you suss out whether your body is aching for activity or begging for a break.

When you’re forced to run unexpectedly, e.g. for a bus or to get to an appointment on time:

A – Run? You’d rather be late

B – You feel like your lungs are on fire

C – You give it all you’ve got and often end up making it on time

If someone asked you to jog 3 miles with them:

A – You assume they’re joking

B – You respond with some hesitation but you’re willing to give it a try if they take it easy on you

C – You’re already waiting at the door for them in your running kit

The words ‘boot’ and ‘camp’ put together make:

A – An outdoor experience where wellies are needed?

B – A fairly threatening sounding group workout which you’d only try with a group of friends or if you were feeling particularly adventurous. And you can’t promise you’ll make it through to the end

C – A great way to spice up your exercise routine and challenge yourself

Compared to people you know:

A – You’re usually the one who does the least amount of exercise

B – You’re fairly average in the amount of exercise you do

C – You exercise more than the average person

When you watch great athletes on TV or hear about someone’s sport-related achievements:

A – Good for them. Now, what was I busy saying?

B – You’re inspired to participate in more sport or exercise but you’ll leave the medals to them!

C – You’re inspired to try a new sport or find new ways to improve your current sport or exercise, and you set new goals for yourself to push yourself harder

Could you do 20 push ups in a row?

A – Why would I do that?

B – Maybe, with a break in between

C – Of course, bring it on!

What’s a plank?

A – That thing where you lie face down in weird places?

B – An exercise, usually holding yourself still in push-up position. Don’t ask me to do it for a full minute!

C – A great way to work your abs


A – Excuse me?!

B – I could do a few at a go but I’d feel it the next day

C – Deep squats, one-legged squats, weighted squats… I do all different kinds fairly regularly

When you’ve got free time:

A – It’s all about socialising or relaxing, or both

B – Socialising and/or relaxing, with the good intention to spend a bit of time exercising, although I won’t necessarily commit myself to anything

C – I can finally go on those long runs and hit those afternoon gym classes

Your destination is a 15 minute walk from your tube / bus  stop:

A – Onto the next bus then. No bus? Alright, where’s that taxi? Oops, can’t afford it. Hmmm I’m sure I have a friend nearby who drives…

B –  I may as well walk. But I’ll probably get a bus if it’s raining, of if I really don’t feel like it

C – I don’t really use the tube or bus unless I really have to. I’d rather cycle or run or anything else that combines transport with exercise


Mostly As

Are you freaked out by fitness? Embrace it, don’t fear it! Exercise has been a part of human beings’ lives for as long as we’ve existed and it’s an important way of staying healthy. It doesn’t mean you’ve now got to start training for a marathon or anything extreme, but a walk around the block now and then, taking the stairs when possible or a weekly gym glass won’t hurt. The idea or even the act of it may not bring you great joy, but you’ll appreciate the difference it can make, and with time, it will become something you’ll find easier and more fun to do.

Mostly Bs

You may not be about to compete professionally, but you’re willing to exercise now and then and you can appreciate the idea of setting goals for yourself. Your intentions are often good but sometimes the motivation is lacking. Perhaps try to find a partner, whether it’s running or going to the gym, to help motivate you, or try to take your goals more seriously. It sounds like you’re maintaining a good balance but there may be a chance you can push yourself harder.

Mostly Cs

You’re definitely not afraid of a challenge! Keeping fit is a very big part of your life. Exercising is important to do so good on you for taking it seriously. But maybe you’re taking it too seriously? Is your fitness regime leading you to make sacrifices in other parts of your life? Are you seeing friends less, or not getting enough sleep, or is your work suffering? Have you had to stop other hobbies or things you enjoy doing to make time for exercise? If so, these could be signs that your exercise habits are taking over your life and making you miss out on what’s important.


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