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My first day in the USA

Hopped on a plane to LAX…

HERE!! We are actually here! In LA. It is true. It’s full of famous people. I’ve seen one already so statistically there must be more. That guy who plays Raj on The Big Bang Theory was at the airport. I don’t have a picture or any kind of evidence, but it’s totally true.

Hostels are kind of weird. I do not like sharing a room with other people I don’t know. It’s unnatural. Everyone is silent! I’m the quietest person, but this is ridiculous. Must we whisper? Then, the loudest damn fan in the USA! It’s warm, but in my head it’s 3 am and I need a nap! While I’m complaining, how the hell are we going to drive on these roads? No one follows the speed limit, no one uses their indicators, And apparently if the lights go amber, you have to speed up to get through just as it goes red. There is a good chance that this is how I’ll die. I’m shitting myself.

I shall mention good things, you heard about Raj of course. Well I happen to be writing this by hand in my travel journal on a beach in Santa Monica. They have this pier with a fairground on it. I can see forever, waves! They have giant waves here. Also mountains. I had no idea LA had mountains, which is stupid. The Hollywood sign is on the side of a cliff, duh. It’s warm at home too, and although it’s windy, it doesn’t have a chill that makes you go inside after twenty minutes. It’s this warm all the time too. They have extra hot days and cooler days but not cold days. I have to take pictures. I mean, this beach has a car park on it. There are lifeguards with uniforms like off Baywatch. GAHHH! There’s so many things! I’m going to go paddle in the sea. Or should I say ocean? No, in the sea.


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