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A First Date: Chicken Out or Go??

Okay, here is the moment of truth, Ladies! A little of ‘I’m going to poke some fun at myself’.

Here it is on a Saturday afternoon and I am sitting at home watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent and trying to make up my mind if I should accept a request to go out with someone that I met recently. Do I stay at home and do me? You see, on Thursday, all I could think about was spending time at home and just pampering myself. But, then the only reason I’m even considering the date is because I’m just a little bit tired of my own company. Maybe, with a little comfort food and some videos to watch, maybe I’ll just stay at home and watch some girly movies (1 or 2 action movies as well). Wow! I am sitting here laughing at myself because I have a choice to stay at home or to go out with someone who might turn out to be an okay guy. Am I doing the exact same thing that I tell my boys never to do which is don’t judge a book by its cover? I say this because the gentleman didn’t really grab my attention in any way. But, at the same time, I do have to protect myself. Especially, as a female we do have to be that much more careful because we are more vulnerable to scary situations that occur once every 2 minutes if not less. Yeah, it’s crazy, Ladies. The same questions apply: take a chance to see if I can meet someone decent or another frog or worse? Well, we’ll see won’t we? My bestie is telling me to go for it. I’ll keep you posted.

Ladies, it’s Sunday evening and I am watching TV. I didn’t go out, after all. I kind of chickened out, but also wanted to stick to my plan of just staying at home and doing nothing but pamper myself, do me, my time, and my way. I figured that if he’s really interested, then he’ll be okay with the idea. Now I made sure to apologise for changing my mind at the last second. Because honestly, I told him that I was feeling too lazy to go anywhere and asked him if we could reschedule for next weekend if his schedule allowed and if he still wanted to go. Yeah, I know, that wasn’t too cool, actually kind of rude of me, which my girl pointed out to me. And, my mother didn’t raise me to be that way and even though men have a tendency to do exactly that, it doesn’t excuse me for acting in the same manner. So, I called him up to apologize and ended up leaving a voice-mail message as he didn’t pick up (no surprise there, right girls?). But, of all surprises, he called me back. So, tentatively, we’ve rescheduled for next weekend. Decisions, decisions, and more decisions.

Now I am the one vacillating between going out or staying in. And, it was my chance to go out with someone and learn about him. Here I am the one who is complaining and the first chance I get, I end up chickening out. Wow! Will wonders never cease to amaze me..LOL!

I can’t believe that Gideon (a character on the ‘Criminal Minds’ show) is actually getting romantic with a woman. I mean I am not questioning his sexual orientation, just his ability to actually relax and not be so intense. Same thing with Hotchner (another character and if you’re a fan of this show, you know my analysis to be true). Good episode, only if I had some popcorn with some butter (movie style popcorn). YUMMMY!

Yep, that was my weekend; I can only hope that your weekend was great and fun!

Until next time, Ladies!


  • Marie Guillen says:

    I can totally relate. Can it possibly be a bit of fear of the unknown?

    • Cynthia Cynthia says:

      Admittedly, that is one of the factors; a fear of the unknown. And, not only that, but the process of revealing yourself, layer by layer, to another person that you are getting to know. And, vice versa, like do you want to get to know that one more person (and the hope that this will be the last one?).

  • Marie Guillen says:

    So true. But, I believe that when you are ready, (physically, mentally, and spiritually) you won’t struggle with the decision of going or not. You will be ok with it, you’ll have peace in your heart about it, and you’ll go and just be you.

    • Cynthia Cynthia says:

      Hello, Marie, you are right. I think if I was ready or anyone for that matter, the struggle wouldn’t be there. Good point!

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