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Fighting a losing battle.

I’m exhausted by the ongoing battle between the sexes. The idiocy surrounding feminists and the strong opinions of what we believe men and women should be. We all have the same question and that is; when will this battle end? The answer is never and here is the reason why: men believe they are the superior gender and women also want to be the superior gender. Therefore, there will never be a happy medium because both genders are fighting to be the best; we are fighting a losing battle.

Gender inequality is still an unresolved issue and probably always will be. Although life is very different from what it was fifty years ago, some of the old fashioned ideals are still lingering around like a bad smell. One in particular is about where women belong and where they should be in the hierarchy of society. I honestly think it’s inexcusable that some men still believe that a woman should be controlled, that a woman’s only purpose in this world is to please their husbands and give them children. We have come a long way since then but some people still don’t want to live in a world in which powerful and successful women can choose careers over children and choose independence over marriage. Why should women not have the same opportunities as men? We are purposefully keeping a divide between the sexes and it doesn’t need to be there anymore. Men and women are supposed to be different from each other, but different shouldn’t mean inadequate.

I’m one of many women who feels the pressure by modern culture and the impossible archetypes that are evoked on a daily basis. Women are constantly being brainwashed by the media and being objectified by men, we are pressured to have children and if we don’t want them we are harshly judged by the people around us. Women speak up about the changes we wish to see in the world and then we’re shut down because men think that we have too many opinions. The underlying problem is that some men still think women should be submissive. Don’t get the wrong idea; this isn’t a man-bashing article. I am aware that women are not the only ones who are victims of gender stereotyping, men are too, they also have certain standards by society that need to be met but I feel like women are held under a harsher spotlight.

Right now, the world is the best it has been in terms of equality. Of course we still have a long way to go and some things will never change, no matter how much time passes, however, I feel lucky to be alive in these modern times. As a woman in Britain, I can do almost anything, I can vote, drive, have a family if I choose to have one, have a career in whatever sector I choose and study at various levels of education. Of course, I still tire from the sexist notions and stereotypes that come up on a daily basis and I’m tired of the word feminism and how it seems to have been dragged through the mud and lost all it’s meaning, but maybe we should just accept things for the way they are. My optimistic heart believes that there will be a change one day but my realistic mind knows that sometimes things are fixed a certain way for a reason.

I’ve done my research and there are just as many websites out there criticising women as there are websites criticising men. We will never achieve gender equality because we are too busy trying to be the better gender. We don’t choose our gender; it is something that we are assigned at birth. We don’t need to stick with the pigeon-hole concept of blue for boys and pink for girls. We don’t need a stronger and a weaker sex to keep the world spinning. We all need to look past gender and start seeing each other as people because after all, we are all here for the same reason and we all breathe the same air. We are all leaves from the same tree; we all emerge from the same branch. We all complete the same cycle of life, we live then fall to the ground and then the same journey begins again.


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