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Fenella Carter – Successful Entrepreneur

Fenella is the owner of Carters Business Solutions  – accountancy and small business advisors and Equi-Logical – an equestrian based business. She is a successful entrepreneur whilst also being a wife and a mother of twins!

How did you get started Fenella?

I worked in accountancy and decided I wanted the challenge for my own rewards!

Have you studied for any qualifications for your chosen career?

I started training as soon as I left school at 16, first an Accounting Technician course at nights and then onto ACCA straight after.

How do you balanced work-life/family and avoided burnout?

I struggle as I am so busy!! I can work up to 18 hours a day at busy times of year!!! I constantly get burnt out!! I would love to spend more time with my family in an ideal world!

What are you most proud of?

Being a successful entrepreneur …. Earning my luxuries…. I have no handouts!

Have you faced any challenges being a women in a male dominated world?

Yes some of the people I meet are quite sexist…Men are seen to be more intelligent at times and that’s just rubbish in my opinion.  Women multi-task and have brains!

Is life turning out just how you planned it?

Yes!  I LOVE IT!!

What do you love the most about your partner?

He is understanding to my work commitments and helps in any way he can, be it someone to take stress out on or looking after our 3 year old twin boys.

Do you have any regrets?

NO, none!

Whats your ultimate vision?

To be even more successful. I aspire to be like Karen Brady or Jade Holland Cooper.   Women who mean business in business.



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