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The Fear of It All

No matter what industry you work in, or if that industry is motherhood—we all have big goals and expectations of ourselves. We dream about them at night, yearn for them with every cell in our bodies, and work towards them every day. No matter how small or large the goal may seem to others, it’s always very big to us.

But, we can’t overlook that small part of ourselves that lives in fear of not reaching those goals. The piece of us that worries no matter how much effort we put forth—that the goal may never actually be quite as tangible as it feels. We worry that we will be embarrassed as some who surround us will be quick to fill our worlds with all the “I told you so’s.”

I’m not going to tell you that’s not going to happen—because it could. With everything working against us on a daily basis, there is a chance that you may not reach your goal—just being realistic. You can’t control everything, after all. But the fear, those feelings of doubt about yourself that manifest inside your thoughts—those you have control over and can put a very abrupt end to. Those fears need to be turned around. They must be channeled into something new, or else they will always be looming over you, holding you back.

Channel it into drive. Push through the fear and let it be that force that truly drives and inspires you to work the long hours and lose sleep for the sake of getting to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Channel it into enthusiasm. Get excited. Start to plan. Get it together and just be crazy exciting about making your goals transition into reality.
Channel it into hope. We all need a little hope in our lives sometimes, so make that fear your hope. Hope and wish for the stars to line up and that everything falls into place, carving a path for you to seamlessly glide through.

Channel it into confidence. You know that you are more than capable of making a difference in your life, checking milestones off your list and being confident about those steps you are taking. Stand tall with confidence about your future.

Channel it into strength. Fear can make us crumble to the ground and not be strong enough to take major steps forward in our lives. While yes—it can be scary, channeling extra strength intro your life will leave you feeling nothing but empowered.

What do you channel your fear into so that you can achieve your goals?


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