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Fat Shaming vs. Skinny Shaming

There are a lot of double-standards in our society. Women can be emotional and cry but men cannot, an older single women is a ‘spinster’ while an older single man is a ‘bachelor’, men can fart in public but women have to hastily blame it on the deaf old lady next to me…I mean them. A lot of double-standards. You would never in a million years say to an overweight women, ‘jeez, you need to eat less, you look like a balloon animal’. Unless you were looking to be roundhoused out of the window anyway. So why is it okay for people to say things like ‘wow you’re so skinny! Eat a burger for god’s sake’ to a thin woman? Short answer: it isn’t. 

Larger girls can often take a lot of shit: getting bullied, called names, being the butt of jokes, resulting in low self-esteem and poor body image. I understand that a positive message about the way they look needed to be spread, but this should not be done by putting other women down. Saying ‘real men like curves, only dogs go for bones’ or something to that effect can have just as significant an impact on a girl’s self-confidence as any fat joke could. Bullying is not solved by bullying.

Every girl has insecurities. Some never wear dresses because they hate their legs, some will wear baggy clothing all the time because they think they’re too big, some will stuff their bra out of embarrassment for being so slight. You don’t know how someone sees themselves. You don’t know what battle someone has had with the way they look. Even the littlest comment, even if you think you’re flattering them, can make someone feel like crap. We have to remember that for everyone.

And what’s more, sometimes these ‘skinny bitches’ that some other women like to put down are simply healthy. Sometimes they exercise regularly, eat well and take care of themselves. Sometimes they work damn hard. I was watching a work-out video and someone commented calling the main instructor ‘anorexic’. Dude, you just watched her do an hour long work-out without stopping, all with enough oxygen left to exclaim ‘yeah, keep going, that’s the way!’. I had just finished attempting the same thing and was close to cardiac arrest. If she was simply ‘skin and bone’, she wouldn’t have been able to do that. Could you do that?

Some women do take it too far, but this is often because of the societal pressure they face to be model-thin, the same as bigger girls. Every girl looks at those flawless women in the magazines and envies them, just a little. It’s an unrealistic goal that can often push young girls into depression or even eating disorders. Basically, we’re all in the same boat, so why are we pushing some people over the side?


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