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Fashion for boys

In my day boys had two fashion choices; joggers and sweatshirt or jeans and t-shirt. The toughest choice faced by adolescent man was whether to pronounce it Add-ee-das or A-deed-dus. The teenage boys of my generation just weren’t interested in fashion and, other than a brief spell in the late 80s of fire hazardous shell suits, all of their clothes were always of the sportswear or denim variety.  JJB must have raked it in! Now however, things are entirely different. As I walk the high street, the shops are more equally balanced between men and women’s fashion. Teenage boys are no longer uniformly fashion free and since the Biebers and Styles’ of the pop world have hit our screens, boys have started to take an interest in what they look like.

It started with the hairstyles. Never before have barbers throughout the land been presented with celebrity pictures and asked by spot stricken boys to, “Make me look like him”. Scratch that, boys no longer have acne. They have glowing tans and sparkling white teeth in the style of Joey Essex. The boys of my teenage years either had a skinhead (which probably meant they had nits) or ‘curtains’ (which according to my mate, meant they were well fit). Now the ozone wheezingly pleads to be put out of its agony as boys bedrooms are filled with the fumes of hairspray as they desperately attempt to heighten their Harry Styles’ bouffant.

 Then there is the fashion. Men in skinny jeans. Boys with man bags. Blokes in bow ties and geezers in blazers. Everything is just a bit more groomed, a bit less effortless and dare I say it, slightly more feminine? For me you can’t top a fresh white t-shirt and a pair of good jeans, think diet coke man bod underneath and you see where I’m coming from. Today, men are embracing the latest trends, happily donning loafers and get this; wearing them without socks! Now that is fashion forward. My hubby only takes his socks off for the bath… and that’s yet to be confirmed. And let’s not forget the fashion labels. The Barbour jacket, the converse trainers, the Vans. It seems young men are starting to take their fashion seriously. You can’t go shopping for a teenage son in a sportswear store anymore. It’s all about River Island and Topman with their on-trend pieces and directional designs (whatever that means). Moreover these trends are passing down to the tots and, as mother of a nappy touting two year old, I can tell you; skinny jeans are not practical for little ‘uns!

So, with men becoming dedicated followers of fashion it follows that we females might have to raise the bar. No longer can I get away with picking up my winter wardrobe whilst doing the supermarket shop. My boy is growing up quickly and I am not yet ready to resign myself as an embarrassing mum who wears all the wrong things… heck my mission was to be a MILF! Best put my best foot forwards then and seek out the right trends to wear and hairstyles to have. I wonder, “What is the new Jennifer Aniston cut nowadays?” 


  • Amy Tocknell says:

    I loved this so much. It had me howling with laughter and nodding away. I remember the days of boys trying to figure out how to pronounce their chosen sportswear brand name, even the ‘Nyke’ and ‘Nykee’ debate! And the curtains etc. Hilarious and it makes we worry too. I guess my lovely wool duffle coat from Sainsbury’s just will not do anymore! xx

  • I know…who’d have thought the time would come when our sons would be nagging us to take them shopping? Oh well, any excuse!

  • thank god men are finally interested in fashion and their appearance again. In whole our history men’s fashion was so much more important than women’s, except from 80’s to a few years ago. I call them the dark ages :)

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