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Family planning

People ask me all the time, “Time for another?”, “When are you planning to have your next?”

Quite frankly – My family planning is none of your beeswax.  When people ask you this, they never think that there might be an actual reason why you only have the one child.

It’s not out of selfishness or the fact that you just don’t want another.  There is a reason behind it.  There is a reason behind everything.

I’ve always wanted a huge family with lots of children and I know that no time is the right time.  However, being a responsible adult, a second child has been put on hold due to a number of reasons.

Some people are incredibly lucky to have the help of family/friends, however when you have no help then financially it can be impossible to even consider.

As of right now, although my womb aches for another, I am grateful for the child I do have.  Yes she has traits of an only child – she is bossy and she craves attention.  However, I feel like the bossy trait will benefit her as an adult as long as I parent her correctly.  She could be the greatest leader in the world one day!


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