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Family Meals

Everyone wants the best for their family when it comes to their diet but sometimes tastes waver choosing easy pre ,or half, done meals straight from the supermarkets. The idea of cooking a family meal from scratch in some homes seems to be a thing of the past, preferring quicker and easier meals so they can keep on moving with our busy lives. However, there are meals that can be made from scratch to feed a family that will not break the bank. So why not try it, healthy creations that the whole family will enjoy. Here are just a few to get the weeknight meals started:

Chicken, pepper and corn stir-fry

The colourful blend of chicken, peppers and corn is sure to be a winner around the dinner table. The sweet of the corn mixing with the vibrant crunch of the peppers adds layers of flavour to the chicken dish. But why not add some more vegetables for the entire family to enjoy, mushrooms even bean sprouts to give the meal a Chinese twist.

Beef fajitas

The thin sliced beef, making a small amount of meat go so much further, mixed with peppers and onions with a wonderful blend of herbs and spices to create a delicious meal for the entire family. A few warmed wraps, perhaps some salsa and sour cream complete the meal. Bring the dish to the meal and let everyone create their own fajita at the table. Beef not to your tastes; try chicken or pork as an alternative to the red meat.

Fettuccine Alfredo

A very simple pasta dish, with only a handful of ingredients but packed with flavour and truly a filling family meal.  It is always possible to add more to this dish if the tastes so desire, some chicken to have the meat element and perhaps simply some peas for a vegetable element to complete the dish.

Moroccan-Style chicken soup

For those cooler days or when the summer turns to a rainy day there is nothing better for a weekday dinner than a hearty soup. Packed full with pulses, meat and vegetables with a little warming spice to fill the families stomach and to dispel the cold dreary chills. With a meal like this it is possible to create a large pot of this soup for the family to help themselves and even have some left over to freeze for another day.

Nicoise salad

For those days when a full big hearty family meal does not seem appetising but still something is needed to fuel a family, try this simple filling salad. Filled with tuna, eggs and potatoes with a mix of salad and vegetables are sure to please everyone in the family. Giving the family everything they need in this one dish bursting with flavour and textures.

There are so many dishes that can be created every weekday to feed an entire family to make sure that they eat right and fresh every day. There are so many different dishes to be created and explored, with so many different meats, vegetables and even seafood to try the possibilities are endless.


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