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Fairy Tales Are Over

As a child I was so wrapped up in the Disney moves and I mean, who wasn’t? Or even who still isn’t? I still, at 20, get those moments where I wish to do nothing more than cuddle up in a duvet and watch Beauty and the Beast. It’s sad as I wish I had never seen any, or even watched any romantic movies!

I know I probably wouldn’t change it if I had the chance, as I’d rather know than be ignorant, but the way love is depicted as so easily attained, with the paramour’s paths so clear, it’s hard to realise as a child that life isn’t so magical. These films seem to set us up for something far more dreamy and much easier to acquire. It’s funny that when you finally realise relationships are so much more awkward and hurtful, that you tend to avoid them or they just never work, as we put way too much emphasis on the magic of the ‘movie love’.

We all want the person who will make us realise why it never worked with anyone else. We all want that person who knows us better than we do. We all want that person who makes the sun shine even while there’s a storm. It’s sad that films portray love, and people, as so kind and easy, that our childhood dreams of the world are so off point, far fetched and too reliant on fairy tales.

I know that once I get the ‘real thing’ I’ll believe in fairy tales again, but until then I’m more than satisfied with the real world and, not all, but most of its problems. You just have to realise that fairy tales are over, but the magic is in the real world, it’s just harder to find.


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